Friday, December 14, 2007

Snow, Snow Go Away

You'd think we would get a break after Thursday's ice storm. No such luck. More nasty weather is on its way.

So, it was off to Central Park to get in my weekend long run before the bad weather arrives.

The New York Road Runner's Club had its NYRR Holiday 4-Mile Race today in Central Park. A friend of mine was running it as his final race of the nine required to finish in order to gain automatic entry into the 2008 New York City Marathon. I opted to skip my usual weekend trip to the trails of Rockefeller State Park (click here to see a map of the park's trails) to accompany him to New York City, the plan being to run a few hours before the race, then run along side him during the race.

It was a tad bit cold and windy, but we did a few loops of Central Park, ran in the 4-miler, and added another 20 minutes or so at the end. We were able to get in 21.08 miles in 3:28:21. Here are a few pictures I took in the park :


  1. what up Blogger Brother :-)

    Nice pics & wtf is up with that cold ass weather-lol

    I will pack & bring up some warm weather for u peeps next week...I will be up North on the 19th!

    Congrats on knocking out 21miles today... ok back to the ball games & beers :-)

  2. Anthony,

    Great pictures! I love Central Park. I'm a Jersey Girl born and raised and miss NJ, bagels and the City.

    :) Dusty

  3. I was born in NJ as well, but quickly defected to NY. :)