Sunday, December 30, 2007

Trail Heaven

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With the warmer temperatures and the rain we've had in the past week, all of the snow and ice that plagued the trails at Rockefeller State Park Preserve last week was gone, gone, gone. It was 29 degrees at the start, but a beautiful day for a 27.2 mile run. The deer were out....the cows were out....just a great day. I took the run nice and easy, but made sure to get in as many hills as I could (3,000+ feet of climbing - about 1 and a half times up Fred's Mountain). HR maintenance was good - about a 150 bpm average. Here's a look at the HR data.


  1. Sweet Run Bro... way to log those miles!!!!

  2. Wow excellent mileage! Aren't you going to taper a bit for Goofy?

  3. Thanks Bob & Kim.
    Taper ? :) I'll rest the week before. I'm focusing more on Rocky Raccoon and need the time on my feet for that. Disney has always been just a fun run for me. I'll do the 1/2 with the wife this year, and Bob and a few other friends are doing the full.

  4. Whooaooaa that's a lot of blue there. Great job!! ;D