Thursday, December 13, 2007

What to expect.....

Only two posts into this blogging thing, and its getting kind of addicting. We had a somewhat nasty snow and ice storm in the New York City / Tri-State region today, which mean it was a work-from-home day and an early dismissal for the little ones. Luckily, I was able to get in a 50 minute speed training workout before the bad weather hit.

I was thinking about where to take this blog now that I finally got it started and decided that I'd like to tailor it to match what I enjoy about many of the blogs that I read. So, I was thinking...detailed race reports and reviews...thoughts on training...perhaps gear and running product reviews, etc..., etc..., etc... Most people who know me know that I buy at least two of every gadget under the sun, so I'm sure I'll have plenty to share about a load of running "junk".

Well, we'll see where this goes....


  1. Green Magma & Heel Inserts !!

    ahhh looking forward to reading all the other crap u buy in 2008'-lol oh wait I have that crap too...going to have to set a budget I think on my gear next year....nahhh :-)

  2. ah. you are a blogging addict already :)
    i hate this crappy weather. Hopefully it passes quickly.

  3. Hey Bob - don't you sleep...oh yeah, afternoon naps, I forgot. Everytimg I talk to you I buy something new.

    Meredith - awful weather and it will hit us again on Saturday...shoveled a bunch of ice this AM.

  4. Uggghhh I hear you on the weather. I guess we're supposed to get more this weekend too (at least I know I am. All the way up here in nowhere land Albany LOL)

  5. Albany....yikes. You'll get it. My wife is from Buffalo - it is always awful upstate in the winter. We are looking to get hit late Saturday into Sunday. My Sunday run is looking like a wash.