Sunday, January 13, 2008

2008 Goofy Challenge - Part 2 - Marathon a Success

This will be a much shorter race report then yesterday's post on the Half Marathon (I'm too tired to type and the kids are ready to go into the Magic Kingdom. Bob will be proud of me as I am sipping on a beer as I type. Make sure to read yesterday's post - Ginette had an amazing race !!

I also decided not to take the camera with me today - I brought it yesterday to take pictures of the wife (and boy was it worth it to get some shots of her new half marathon PR performance), but I decided that after running the half marathon yesterday, I would set a 4:10 goal and I didn't want to lose time taking pictures. So, here are a few shots of the fireworks show from last night....

Another 3:00 A.M. wake up call today started the day off. I headed off to the Epcot parking lot by around 4:15 - two monorail rides later and a mile walk to the corrals and I was at the start of my fourth consecutive Walt Disney World Marathon. They were actually playing the same music and video that they played for the pre-race entertainment at yesterday's half marathon...I think they were even using the same script.

The race started at 6:00 A.M. Coach Lisa set the plan for the day. The first five miles were at talking pace. I felt fairly good. My legs were not too tired from running the half yesterday. At mile five I went into 10 miles of 14/1. At around mile 7 I met a guy who was running his 15th Walt Disney World Marathon (he had run every single one since the race's inception). He had also run JFK-50 twice, so we had a bit to talk about. At around mile 13 I met a girl from New Jersey who was more worried about making her 4:00 P.M. flight and the Nor'easter that we are supposed to get on the East coast tonight then the race...she was fun to talk to.

At mile 15 Coach Lisa threw in some speed training. 2 minutes of hard effort / 3 minutes of easy effort for 5 miles (to mile 20) was followed by 3 minutes of hard effort / 2 minutes of easy effort for 3 miles (to mile 23). This actually helped the miles tick off. At mile 23 it was go for it.

Ginette came out to cheer me on at mile 12 (which was actually in front of our hotel). She brought the girls out to see me at mile 25 in the Animal Kingdom. It was great to see them.

I had three goals for today. First and foremost, finish and get the Goofy medal. Check. Second was to run the first half of the race faster then Ginette and I had run the Half Marathon yesterday. Check. Third was to finish today in under 4:10. Check. I came in at 4:09:56 (whew !).

Here's my HR data for today's run :

I'm looking forward to a few days of rest and easy training...maybe some swimming and an easy run to loosen up the legs, and, of course, lots of fun with the family before we return to New York on Friday. Off we go to the Magic Kingdom. GO GIANTS !!!


  1. Congrats Bro on ur Goofy Challenge, Nice !! Enjoy ur week with the family, rest up! and way to get out of the Northeast when the snow is coming in, well planned my friend :-)

  2. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Way to hit your goal, rockstar!!!!!!!!!!

    I was on my long run today and after 4 hours i started to think about your marathon and trying to get some motivation from that, but them the wind started howling and my face felt frozen and i started to curse the fact that you were in Florida!!!!! :-) Just kidding. Enjoy the rest of your trip to disney. I love it there.

  3. Great job, Tony! And great job, Ginette. Enjoy the rest of your trip; see you when you get home!

  4. Need a picture of all the medals!!!!

  5. Wow! Congrats on the Goofy Challenge way to nail your goal!!

  6. Nice half! Great full! Excellent win by the Giants! It's all good!