Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2008 - Off We Go

Ok, I admit it, I was passed out by 10:00 PM last night. I think Meredith might have beat me by sacking out earlier.

I started 2008 off on the right foot, a rainy one hour on my regular weekday .6 mile loop. The loop is a pain in the rear end - round and round and round we go, but, it is right outside my door, safe, and has almost no traffic. In fact, the only traffic to contend with in the AM is the newspaper delivery folks who actually drive like formula one race car drivers.

It is always good to start a new year off with a motivational bang. Most people begin today with a set of goals - be a better father, mother, husband, wife, son, daughter, person....lose weight....run a 5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon....and so on and so forth.

Or, perhaps your goal is to enter the realm of ultra running (as was my goal in early 2005). If that is your goal, or even if you are a "newbie" ultra runner with some ultra running experience, I would encourage you to regularly read I Run Far, a blog posted by Bryon Powell (a/k/a Trail Goat). Bryon is an accomplished and well respected ultra runner. In October of 2007, Bryon began posting the "I Run Far Ultramarathon Guide", which so far consists of "How to Select a First Ultramarathon" and "Training for Your First Ultramarathon". These are excellent posts with all sorts of suggestions and advice on training, coaching, mileage, life balance, etc....certainly a must read for the ultramarathoner-to-be.

I've also added a few more blogs to the "Blogs Worth a Look" list (over on the right), and re-named the list "Blogs I Read".

Best wishes for 2008 - I hope we achieve all of our goals.


  1. Happy New Year Bro...See ya soon!!

  2. I think I'll have to take a peek at hose links in 2009. That's the year Bob coaches us (Lisa, Wes, and I :P) into our first ultra LOL. Right Bob? ;-)

  3. The posts have great info and tips. Bob - how much are you charging for coaching fees ?

  4. :)
    Happy New Year..make sure you take care of your wife next week for her half marathon..remember it is all about her!