Saturday, January 19, 2008

Another 26.2+

After a few flight delays last night we finally made it home at 12:30 AM. The kids were exhausted (and so were the parents). My head hit the pillow at 2:00 AM, which gave me about 4 hours of sleep until it was time to rise for today's long run.

I hadn't run at all since last weekend's Disney 1/2 and full marathons and I was breaking in a new pair of North Face Arnuva 50 Boa shoes (usually a foolish thing to do on a long run). At 7:00 AM I met my good friend Ira and one of Coach Lisa's students, Wayne Bates, at Rockefeller Park. We put in a nice 26.5 miles. No major problems and no blisters (phew !).

We did some nice hill work today. Here's a look at the elevation chart :

I have something of a min-streak going - a marathon distance (or more) run for each of the last 4 weeks :

  • December 30 - 27.2 miles
  • January 5 - 30.6 miles
  • January 13 - 26.2 miles
  • January 19 - 26.5 miles

I think that streak is coming to an end as I begin my taper for Rocky Raccoon.


  1. Wow, kudos to you for getting out for a nice long run after an airplane trip!

  2. my legs are tired for you :-)

    I'd need to sleep for three days solid after a trip like yours!

  3. Only 4hrs?!? YIKES!! ;-) Ohhh wait you're an ole pro, you have 2 kids hehe

  4. Nice Streak Bro... way to log the miles!!

  5. Scott said...

    No doubt !

  6. hi Anthony!
    you sure put in the miles! nice job :)

  7. What is Tike Barber doing tonight??


    Go BIG BLUE!! ahhhhhhhh

  8. I'm tired just reading about that!

  9. Which blog did I put a whole shpill about how much I love Rockies and how I still think it's MY PARK??!! Hope you said hi for me.