Sunday, January 27, 2008

Another Runless Day

Someone please make this cold go away ! Yet another day without hitting the trails, but it is probably for the best as RR50 is just 5 days away.

This was a tough week of training for me, losing 3-4 days due to illness, and logging only 6.4 miles. My 2008 average weekly mileage has dropped from about 47 miles to 37 miles.

Just a short post today to say congratulations to Jess, who completed the ING Miami Half Marathon today (looking forward to seeing a full race report as soon as she gets back), and also a congratulations to Scott, who I believe set a new PR in the ING Miami Marathon, an amazing 3:14:46.


  1. Just think of it as a really really good taper!!! :)

    Seriously, the ramifications of running sick this close to your big race is far worse than skipping a few days, as hard as those missed days are emotionally.

    Get well soon!!!!!

  2. Feel better soon. Have you checked out the Texas weather-SWEET!!!

    I didn't run today either. It warmed up to 32 degrees, but I've been house cleaning all day. It's nice to be in that guilt free taper mode!

  3. LOL I gotta agree with Meredith, it's just a fantastic taper ;D

    I feel your pain (but probably not as bad since mine is just a small cold) Hang in there! Hopefully you'll be better ASAP!!

  4. Your cold will be gone by race day and you'll feel great. You've been training well as evident by the streak of 26.2 mi runs 4 wknds in a row!

    Thanks for the shout out in this post. The race was awesome!