Monday, January 7, 2008

Contdown To Disney

Just 3 more working days to go and we are off to Disney. This will be our fourth consecutive year visiting Disney. We started when our oldest (Julia) was 3 years old and our youngest (Allison) was 2 years old. It is great to see how they have changed from the earlier years...they are roller coaster freaks !!! Allison will be tall enough for just about every ride this year, so it will be loads of fun to get to all go on the rides together.

We have a little warm spell here in New York - it was 57 degrees when I got home from work, so I quickly changed clothes and hit the road for an easy 6 mile run. I'm pretty much ready for the Half and Full Marathon this weekend, but am really focusing on Rocky Raccoon in February. The wife is also running the Half Marathon - the plan is to hang with her for the Half and see how things go on Sunday for the full. I'll get plenty of pictures and post them after the races.

There was a bit of bad news today - Bob is bailing on the Disney Marathon due to injury (a left arch problem). We had planned a Saturday dinner with Bob's friend Wes. I'm hoping Bob makes the drive for dinner and stays to catch the race on Sunday. Bob is getting ready for his first 100 miler this year (he's actually planning on doing 2 of them) - heal fast Bob.

Another bit of "weird" news... Genesis Adventures announced today that they the Fourth Annual Westchester Running Festival in October will not offer a marathon event (only a half and a 10k). They did not offer an explanation as to why they have decided to scrap the marathon. This puts a kink in my race schedule as I had planned on doing the Westchester Marathon. Anyone have any suggestions/recommendations for an October marathon ???


  1. The Hartford (CT)Marathon is Oct 11. I've done the race the last 2 years and its a decent course and well supported. ING is now the sponsor and they are planning to spice things up and make it bigger and better than ever.

  2. Marine Corp marathon! Ethel and Keith did a marathon in RI, breakers? and they got lobsters at the end :) Didnt runners world say there were over 60 marathons in October? lots to choose from :)

  3. Thanks Scott / Meredith. I forgot about Marine Corp. I do have that on my "to-do" list. Hartford looks good as well and is only about an hour and a half drive from my house (plus it is on a Saturday - bonus).

  4. Poor Bob,

    Hey,, Enjoy yourself down there and give Balloo a high five for me!


  5. Ahhhhhh yes, the time is ticking on the Disney Marathon. It should be so much fun though! Dang I kinda wish I was going LOL Maybe next year ;-)

  6. Marcy -

    Bob isn't going....take his place. You can be Bob for the day !