Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Testing the Waters

It has been exactly a week since I've been out for a run, but I feel that I've done the smart thing by resting to get rid of whatever illness I have. Although I probably caught my cold from my kids, there is a good chance I got it from somebody at work (about half of our office has some sort of hacking cough), which only bolsters my position that we all shouldn't have to work for a living.

Not pushing it, I put in an easy 3-mile run this morning just to see how things were holding up. In all, I felt fine while running with no breathing issues. The only set back was a 5 minute session of hacking away once I got back to the house.

I'm very excited for Rocky Raccoon. It will be great to get back on the race course with my friend Ira (our last event together was GTR 100), and to see Coach Lisa, Meredith, Kira and Tom T. again. I also am excited to meet Kim - amazing how this blogging stuff can introduce you to new friends.


  1. yippeee! time is flying. gald you are feeling better and were able to get a short run in today. you are going to have the best taper and be super strong come Saturday :D

  2. That's incredible!
    3 flippin' days for a nice 50 miler! I'm in awe.

  3. Eeek gads, it's soon isn't it?! Best of luck in your final preparation!

  4. Countdown Begins...Hope ur feeling better!