Saturday, January 26, 2008

To Run or Not To Run

This cold is waning a bit. My fever is gone, but I still have a slight cough and I can feel it sitting in my chest. Last night I thought I'd relax and take in Saw IV, then see how I felt this morning.

Well, it is now 8:30 AM and I've finally made it out of bed. I'm iffy on making it out for a run today. Rocky Raccoon is less then 7 days away, and I not only owe it to myself to go into the 50 healthy, but I've committed to crewing and/or pacing Meridith in the overnight hours of the 100. I was reading a bit of runner26's blog yesterday (which I found through Jess's blog, which happens to be one of my favorites) and read her post titled "Running When Sick ??". Her post had a link to WebMD's article about running with a cold, that talks about the "above the neck guideline". Well, my cold goes below the neck for sure.

It is about 26 degrees outside now, with a high expected at about 35. I had a scheduled taper run of an hour and 40 minute run today (with another hour tomorrow). I want to play it smart and rest up, but I'm starting to get serious withdrawal symptoms - I haven't been able to get in a run since Tuesday. Ok, so, Ginette has just returned with Dunkin' Donuts coffee, which always gives me shot of energy....I'll see how I feel and maybe give it a go this afternoon, but I doubt it.

Everyone, have a great run today.


  1. the answer is NO you are not going to run while sick..espically getting ready for a 50 mile race.
    your body needs rest and hydration.
    got it!

  2. Thanks so much for that link! I was debating on going out or not. I'm starting to feel the onset of a cold *rolls eyes* and I'm a little drained. But looks like I'm free to roll!

  3. No running, Lisa is right. Sit it out.

  4. Rest if you need it. It sucks, but you won't "lose" training by taking a bit of time to get healthy :)

    Hope you feel better soon.

  5. Oh My Coach Lisa & Olga beating you up, ur a lucky man :-)

    No Running, REST Up! You are going to have a busy long weekend next week!

  6. you've gotta rest and take care of yourself, so you are 100% for next week's race. That is the big picture. I hope you feel better soon!!!!! Its sure gonna be nice to be in warm Texas soon!!!!