Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Two For The Price of One ???

Each year for the past 4 years I have entered January with a sound, thought-out and logical race plan. And, of course, each year things change...I add a race here and there, take one off the list, try to squeeze one in, and so on and so forth. I usually make it at least a month into the new year before I start playing around with my race plan. 15 days into January, I'm messing around again.

It isn't entirely my fault. I originally had planned on doing the Westchester Marathon on Sunday, October 12 (which starts and finishes less then 3 miles from my house), at least until Genesis Adventures announced that they will NOT have a full marathon (only a half and 10k). I supposed they should change their website address from http://www.westchestermarathon.com/ to http://www.ijustmessedupanthony.

As fate would have it, two events have become blips on the radar screen. First, Becca, an old college friend of mine (we used to coach a YMCA soccer team at Vanderbilt together) sent me an e-mail. I hadn't heard from her for about 3 or 4 years, but, she made it her new year's resolution to reconnect with some of her friends that she lost touch with. When she found out about all the crazy running that I've been doing, she suggested that I bring the family to visit her family in Baltimore and run the Baltimore Marathon on October 11.

Then, Kristen, one of my regular training partners, was talking to me about doing Disney in 2009, and mentioned that she really wanted to do the Marine Corps Marathon on October 26. I've always had this race on my "to-do list".

So, now I am faced with wanted to replace the Westchester Marathon with both the Baltimore Marathon and the Marine Corps Marathon. I love the idea that the Baltimore Marathon is on a Saturday. I wish more marathons were on Saturdays. Plus I get to visit an old friend. I also would love to do Marine Corps.

OK...I'm throwing it out to my blogging friends. Do one (and if so, which one) or both ? The psycho in me is leaning towards both.


  1. BOTH!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If i do not do Javelina, i will probably do MCM.

  2. Of course, both. Why is it even a question? Didn't you hear about Marathon Maniacs who run a marathon every weekend (or two in one)? Go check the link on my blog, and stop whining. It ain't nothing, just 2 long runs prepping you for JFK under 10 hrs.

  3. BOTH!! You're an ultra runner ;-) This will be cake, right?

  4. Both it is. Olga makes a great point. Afterall, 3 weeks into 2008 and I have already run the marathon distance 3 times. Just a walk in the park.

  5. whatever u will be sitting on ur asss and recovering after the Grand Tetons in Early Sept.

    Oh Wait that will be me--LMAOOO

  6. Both! I like to see others in pain!