Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Cold and North Face Endurance Challenge - Bear Mountain Version

It was a chilly 10 degrees (4 degrees real feel) this morning when I hit the road at 5:00 AM. Finally, a run worthy of blogging about. With just a tinge of a cough remaining from this 2 week long insane illness, I was able to get in 5.26 miles at a 9:30 pace. Still trying to keep up with Runner26 and National Ab Month, I also threw in 150 crunches and some wall sits (which I cannot stand).

North Face has finally revealed the course map, elevation chart, and various other details about the Bear Mountain, New York leg of this year's North Face Endurance Challenge. The 50 looks to be a challenging course. I have heard a few negatives about the organization of the North Face Endurance Challenge events, but I'm hopeful that Bear Mountain goes off without a hitch.

2008 The North Face® Endurance Challenge
  • The 2008 The North Face® Endurance Challenge consists of a series of five running events, each designed to provide a venue for outdoor athletes to test their personal and physical limits.
  • Regional events take place in the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, New England, and Northwestern regions of the United States.
  • The 2008 The North Face Endurance Challenge championships will take place just north of San Francisco, CA.
  • Each The North Face Endurance Challenge events includes races covering the following distances: 10K, half marathon (approximately 13.1 miles), 50K (31 miles), and 50 miles. Courses are designed to take place on as much trail as possible, and will include some paved segments.
  • Each regional event in The North Face Endurance Challenge is designated as a regional championship and qualifier for the Championship event in San Francisco. The top male and female finisher of each regional 50-mile race will receive a cash prize of $1,000 and a travel package to San Francisco to participate in the Championship event. PLEASE NOTE: Registration for The North Face Endurance Challenge Championship 50-miler is open to all. That is, one need not qualify in order to compete in the 50-mile event on December 6, 2008.
  • The 2008 Championship event, held in San Francisco, will award the top male and female finisher the largest cash prize in trail ultrarunning. As of January 2, 2008, prize structure and exact amounts are under review. These will be approved and made public shortly after the new year.


  1. I have a tinge of a lingering cough as well....but yet to test the ol' lungs with a run...you jumped in with both feet with early morning and such cold temps! And omg I cannot STAND those wall sits either. I usually ask my personal trainer for them just for the challenge..it's that love-hate relationship!

  2. good for you for getting out there in this weather. i treadmill'ed it. I am a wimp in cold weather.

  3. OK where the heck is Bear Mt? It's not in the Adirondacks is it? (Because if it is I should just go shoot myself for not knowing LOL)

  4. I almost did a NF event. I was signed up for the Hartford, CT event this past year, but it was cancelled. Not enough people registered. The race was going to be on the Hop River (Rail Trail) that I just posted about. My buddy Mark and I are thinking of doing the 50 mile route on the trail ourselves this summer so we can justify wearing the T-Shirt NF sent us as a consolation for cancelling the event. (According to Bad Ben it's against etiquette to wear a race event shirt for an event that never happened!) Anway, good deal getting the wheels going again...

  5. Scott - let me know if you do the 50 mile route - i may want in