Saturday, February 16, 2008

Pigs ??

I've been running at Rockies consistently for the past several years. During that time I've encountered (and did today) :

Various birds and flowers


Snow and Ice

Friends (My friends Kristen & Dot running today)

I've also run into deer, coyote, bull frogs, strangers, babies, dogs, etc..., etc..., etc... Today I ran into something I'd never encountered before at Rockies......

A $%@#$%$ pig...the size of a cow !!!!

It was a gorgeous morning at the park today...a little cold at 22 degrees, but gorgeous. I ran a steady 10 minute per mile pace with some nice hills for about 14.81 miles, keeping my average heart rate to about 156 bpm. Running into the pigs was wild (there were two of them). I don't think I've ever seen a pig that big before. Here are two other pics I took early in the run :


  1. That's a lot of bacon!! ha Cracking me up! What a wild place for a run!

  2. That's funny you saw that pig. Nice run today.

  3. holy cow!!! that thing is HUGE!! nice move with the camera!

  4. Whoa - I'm with Mark - all I can see is BACON!!!

  5. You put those pics up for me, didn't you? I appreciate it:) The cow farm is great, and some cows walk around, what actually scares me just in case. There is a horse place up where the private territory (single track trail on left upper corner if you face the lake from main entrance - you can say I knew park by heart, not by maps). I saw coyotee (a few), and, rumor was, when I did my one and only night run to prep for first 100, my then-hubby saw some wild cats in a pack - I mean, I saw a few animals lying on the ground and their green eyes sparkling and he said it was THEM...later we read in the news there were cats spotted in our neck of the woods. Go figure - do they come in packs? It was my first (and his too) wild night run, you know...

  6. Olga- of course the pics were for you :). You have to come back and join me for an adventure at Rockies some time !

  7. oh my. i'd be scared by that pig! i only see a lot of deer, some vultures at the nature preserve, and the occasional fox! That is one big boy.