Thursday, February 7, 2008

Recovering Well....Still Sick

This morning I feel much, much better then I did a few days ago. Running at Rocky Raccoon, the change in weather, etc... brought whatever I had back in full force. Until today I hadn't missed any training, but I decided to pass on my 40 minute schedule easy run this morning in favor of an extra hour of sleep. If all goes well I might put in a short session on the bike tonight before Lost.

The Rocky Raccoon results have been posted. It was neat to see that I finished 40 out of 142 finishers (159 starters). Not too bad. I've also (as is typical during the course of the year for me) started to rearrange my racing schedule, adding the North Face Endurance Challenge 50 Mile race at Bear Mountain, New York (a short drive from home), and removing the Marine Corps Marathon. Also, in November I'll decide between JFK 50 and Javelina Jundred 100. The funny thing about meeting up with old and new friends at events is that you leave with so many new race ideas. Keith (he's on the Javelina web site in the pink outfit) got me hooked on Javelina in no time.

I also got a great e-mail from fellow Dreamchaser Colleen yesterday, asking if I'd pace her to a 4:30 marathon in May. So, I'm very excited to say that this year's New Jersey Marathon will be entirely a pacing event for me. The wife is running the half and Meredith is also running the full, so it should be a blast of a time.

I have to end with some work gripe today. Some of us keep a mental list of those in the office with very poor bathroom etiquette (those who don't wash their hands, don't flush, don't choose the correct stall or urinal, don't wear shoes, etc...). Pretty nasty stuff, and probably the reason why we all get sick in the office together. I just can't stand the guy that goes to the middle urinal when there is no one to his left or right, or the guy that has to come stand right next to me when there is an available urinal two spots away. I remember seeing this video on bathroom etiquette that was great, found it on You Tube, and put it below for your viewing pleasure. It is a bit long (10 minutes), but I'm thinking about sending it to those in my office who just don't get it.

Have a great day.


  1. "Don't wear shoes"?! I guess lawyers really are like zoo animals!

  2. ROFLMAO! HAHAHAHA That vid was sweet and informative for one who never uses a urinal :P

  3. no Marine Corp? crap. I am excited to see you and Colleen at NJ Marathon though.

    I am about 90% sure about Javelina. Any excuse to get out of JFK :)

  4. Sick - no good. Pacing a friend - awesome! And who is Ted Archer? He is cute, young, but cute:)

  5. that's why I work from home...all those germs in offices freaks me out, Oh and stays at Knights Inn !!

    Just booked my hotel for KM100, the host Hotel, looks good.

    KM100 host hotel

    Get better Bro!! Oh and did u know that the Giants one--lol yes, STILL in SHOCK this may take a year to get over--haha

  6. Thanks for the well wishes! I'll probably need it. ha You get to feeling better quickly as well, you've got a busy race schedule coming up. Take care.

  7. Too funny. At least on Lost they don't have to worry about urinal etiquette...