Thursday, February 21, 2008


Did anyone happen to catch the total lunar eclipse last night ? Pretty wild being that it is the last total lunar eclipse until December 20, 2010 and featured a glimpse of Saturn and the bright star Regulus on either side of the veiled full moon.

There have been some grumblings lately about ODM 100 not happening this year, which would leave a crater-like hole in my summer plans. I suppose a trip to Badwater to crew and pace would make up for it. :))

Not much excitement on my easy 5 mile run this morning, except that the moon returned and was out in full. Actually, the last two days of American Idol were more exciting then today's run (and yes, I am an Idol fan and watch it with the 5 and 7 year olds regularly).


  1. It was too cloudy here to see the moon last night. I tried. I'm with you on Idol, it's a great show! That Chikezie guy is going home tonight I think. GO CARLY SMITHSON!! She's hot!

  2. Tony,
    I keep turning around and watching the moon as I ran home from work last night. It looked particularly awesome when I was just west of the Washington Memorial and again when I was between the Iwo Jima Memorial and Arlington cemetery with the Lincoln, Washington, and Capitol lined up and a partially eclipsed moon just up to the side. At on point while I stood watching from the latter a plane that had just taken off from National Airport flew right next to the moon.

    As for ODM, why not just run the old OD instead if ODM is canceled? It's the same local at about the same time, so it shouldn't really throw your training off.

  3. I saw it. It was cool -- made even cooler by the beer consumption.

  4. We can have a fat ass ODM if you want! I know that weekend works great for both of us. Wheeeee.

    Oh, and as for Badwater, sounds like a good plan ;)

  5. The moon last night was pretty stellar.

  6. The image was awesome when I looked!
    And yes, I am addicted to the Idol with my kids too, though this year we're slacking - too busy with night activities.