Friday, February 22, 2008

Snow and Stuff

The snow continues to fall in the Northeast. When I woke up at 5:00 AM there was a good enough coating to prevent me from heading out for a run. Since I hate the treadmill with a passion, I might end up on the bike a little later today. Since I stayed home from work due to the weather, it gave me an opportunity to finish up some household projects. With the 7 year old scheduled to return from her ski trip in Colorado tonight (depending on the weather), I hope to finish working on her room - we re-painted and hung a bunch of girly things to surprise her.

On a different note, with ODM 100 looking like a non-event this year, I'm putting the finishing touches on joining Jackie Florine's crew for this year's Badwater Ultramarathon. I first met Jackie at GTR 100 last year. We spent most of the race within minutes of each other. Jackie is a wonderful person and incredible athlete. If all works out, I'm excited to be a part of her crew for Badwater.
Stay warm.


  1. I hear you *sigh* We're supposed to get up to 6 inches. I guess that's not too bad though, as long as they plow it LOL

  2. you forgot:

    "and being a crew member with Meredith will kick ass too" :)

    I am excited to work with Jackie as well. :)

  3. What a cool (well not literally) experience that would be...

  4. Tony,
    You know that by wanting to crew Badwater you have proved without a doubt that you're crazy! I am so lucky to have you, Meredith, and Eddie on the team.
    BTW, I think it should be a team requirement to repeatedly view Monty Pyton the sauna!
    Hugs, Jacki

  5. ... Awesome Jackie got into badwater, Sweet!! That will be a great experience.

    caught up on some of ur posts and Holy PIG!!!.... Geesh that is a big porker :-)

  6. How great you are able to come and join Jackie and help her out! She rocks!

  7. Sorry to hear that your race may not happen, but it'll be an amazing experience to crew Badwater. Looking forward to hearing about it, amigo.