Sunday, February 17, 2008

Weekly Training Summary (2/11 - 2/17)

Finally things seem to be getting back to normal. I had intended to take today off, but couldn't resist another trip out to Rockies for a nice and easy 7 miles. My oldest daughter (she'll be 7 in 2 weeks) took off for Colorado today for a skiing trip with my father - I miss her already.

The week began with a 40 minute stairmaster session with some weight training. On Tuesday I hit the road in 4 degree weather for a 5.26 mile run. With the exception of frozen fingers, I felt great on this run. I took Wednesday off, then put in another 40 minute stairmaster session on Thursday. I've also been keeping up with my National Ab Month activities (read all about that on Runner26's blog). Friday, Saturday and today brought 3 straight days of running (5.12, 14.81 and 7 miles respectively). It felt good to put in the miles after a mild prior week.

So, this week looked like this :

Monday: 40 minute stairmaster & weights
Tuesday: 5.26
Wednesday: 0
Thursday: 40 minute stairmaster
Friday: 5.12
Saturday: 14.81
Sunday: 7

This Week - 32.19
This Month - 93.63
This Year - 243.53
2008 Weekly Avg. - 34.79

The Caumsett Park 50k is only 2 weeks away. There is a chance that Meredith might pop in for a visit and a 50k run (quite a short race for the girl who loves 100s). Andy Jones-Wilkins may also be at Caumsett (and would be, in my opinion, a favorite to win). Coach Lisa has said that we will be bumping up our training starting on Tuesday, and I'm looking forward to that.

Have a great day, and hopefully everyone has a long weekend to look forward to !


  1. You are doing fabulous post-sick... I put in two workouts and a walk, but no running yet... Oh how I wish I had Monday off, I guess our company isn't very presidential! Keep up the good work, sorry your little bug is away I'm sure she's having a blast tho!

  2. Way to suck it up and get outside on Tuesday. I'm looking forward to the end of winter...

  3. Ugghh I can finally comment :P Google has been giving me probs

    Isn't it weird with kids? They drive a parent completely insane and you can't wait til they're gone, on;y to find that within 15 minutes of their departure you miss them already LOL

  4. dont tell them all your training secrets..this is what you pay me for:)

  5. Lisa Smith-Batchen said...
    dont tell them all your training secrets..this is what you pay me for:)
    Never. :)