Thursday, March 27, 2008

Another 6

Will someone please tell me when the weather is going to change for good ! 27 degrees one day, 45 the next, back to 30 the next...what gives ? I put in another 6 miles this morning (3rd day of 6 in a row...yikes, 6 6 6), and mixed in some speed work again. Today I did shorter repeats (.6, the length of my short weekday morning loop course) then Tuesday's run (when I did mile repeats). With Ginette having surgery tomorrow, I'll look to take the day off and rest for a couple of weekend long runs.

On a sad note, Herb Peterson, the inventor of the Egg McMuffin, died at the age of 89. Peterson came up with idea for Egg McMuffin in 1972 and wrote McDonald's first national advertising slogan, "Where Quality Starts Fresh Every Day". I think we should all have an Egg McMuffin today in his honor.

Today is National "Joe" day. Do you hate your name? Everyone who hates their name has a right on this day to have everyone they know call them Joe. Why Joe, and not Bob? Supposedly, it is because everyone likes the name Joe. Well, what if your name already is Joe? What about the ladies? Do we call them Joe as well?

Alright all you Joes...have a good day.


  1. wow, if we don't get a run of warm, sunny days soon - i'm going get hit with a case of seasonal affective disorder :(

  2. :(
    It is really rainy and dark here, it sucks. can't say its been that cold, i think it was 65 yesterday!!! 45 today :(

  3. EEhhhhh I'm not a big fan of the name Joe (no offense to anyone named Joe :P) I don't know what a suitable name for the chicas would be . . .

  4. the weather has been miserable!! I will treat myself to an egg mcMuffin after my next long run if I survive.

  5. Does it count if someone yelled at me, "Yeah, that's right. I said joe mama so fat...." I can't remember the joke, if it even was a joke.

    Hey, thanks for the software review in the previous post. I've been looking for a new console and analytics