Thursday, March 13, 2008


Good morning all. Just a short post today as I am completely exhausted. After getting in a short 4 mile run early yesterday morning, I was off to Chicago for business. Those one day trips take a lot out of me. When I finally got back home at 11:30 PM last night I was beat.

Rundangerously swayed me into registering for two races this weekend, both of which I'll use to replace training runs. The first, the Wurtsboro Mountain 30k, looks to be challenging. It begins with a 3.5 mile 1,000 foot climb.

The second is the Taconic Road Runner's Club St. Patrick's Day 10k. That looks to be a bit more festive as they advertise post-race microbrewery refreshments. After this race, a few of us might hop over to Bear Mountain to run a bit of the North Face Endurance Challenge course.



  1. two races back to back - i'm not that bad :)

    anthony, wait until you find out about those really insane marathon maniac types - then you may wind up committed to the asylum!!

  2. Nothing a cup of java won't fix, right? :P

  3. I thought you already know about insane marathon maniacs type? :) I loved Wurtsboro 30k!!! It is run so well, booth in organization and in scenery, and looking back, it wasn't bad at all. I actually ran it on a fresh stress fracture...They have massage tables at teh finish and lotsa food!

  4. Wow, that's sure getting your fill of racing for a weekend. Good deal!

  5. Man, I am really getting jealous of all the racing your able to do out there. Out here you can only find a race every other month or so. Have fun and good luck!!

  6. hmmm race events ?? people still do them huh :-)

    I got an event coming up...

    June -haha