Sunday, March 16, 2008

Race Report : TRRC St. Patrick's Day 10K....and 2 Mile

For the second day in a row, thanks once again to Frank, I found myself at the starting line of a race. Yesterday it was the very challenging Wurtsboro Mountain 30k. Today, it was the Taconic Road Runners Club St. Patrick's Day Races at FDR State Park.

As usual, I got to FDR early (around 9:00 AM) for the 10:00 AM start. At around 9:40 AM I hopped into Frank and Emmy's car, at which point I learned that the 10k race was to start at 10:45 AM (not at 10:00 AM as I had initially thought). Even though all three of us had put in a hard effort at Wurtsboro yesterday, it didn't take long before someone said "hey, let's go out and run the 2-mile race to pass the time".

Frank and I ran the entire 2-mile race together, spending most of the time talking about yesterday's race and ultra races in general. We ran a fairly steady 8:30 pace. Emmy and I ran about 95% of the 10k race together. We chatted about everything from running to was really great to spend the time with Emmy. At some point toward the end of the 10k, a runner came up behind us and told us that she had worked so hard to catch up to us. I decided to give her an extra push - I picked up my pace (I had plenty of energy) and tried to motivate this girl to work harder. After a few "I can'ts", she was back to moving again. I set a goal for her of finishing in 58:00, and sure enough, she made it. I absolutely enjoy helping other people reach their goals and pull through (more so then racing), so, this was a fitting end to the day.

Post-race was filled with food, drinks, chatter, and meeting some new folks. It was great to spend the weekend with Frank and Emmy. They are such great people.

Here are some pictures from today :


Frank, Emmy & Me

Me & Emmy




  1. WOW!!! two great races, back to back. What a great running weekend with incredible company :)

  2. ahhhhh I just watched Tiger nail a long put for another friggin tour win...he is such a freak-lol
    Nice Bro...and way to pull that one in at the end.

    Great weekend...Cheers!

  3. great photos --what a raw, cold day.
    I wouldn't have been able to slog through 8 hilly miles without you two as company. I am glad you were able to give that girl a boost at the end of the race --6.2 miles is a long way for some people.

  4. i remember that you and emmy dragged me out of the car kicking, screaming, crying like a baby! i wanted to stay warm and dry - but you guys said "snap out of it - we got some running to do!" :D

  5. this little race in darien, ct, may be our next adventure.

    what do you think? we could car pool there if you're interested!

  6. Looks like a cook little might be tough b/c it is Easter Sunday...I'll see if I can swing it.

  7. Very cool idea! Hey, why not run the extra race--a clever way to pass the time ;)

  8. LOL! Are you sure you 2 are at least 21? I don't know . . . ;-)