Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Recovery Run, Opening Day and Other Stuff

Today's run was an easy 6 miles to recover from yesterday's speed workout. It was nice to see the AM temperature rise almost 15 degrees from yesterday (still not quite up to where I like it though).

I am all set to go to Umstead 100 for some pacing duties (except for figuring out what the heck to bring with me). But, before I can even think about that, the wife is heading under the knife on Friday to repair a torn medial meniscus - ouch ! This has put a stop to her training for the New Jersey Half Marathon in May.

With things being so crazy around the house and at work, I totally forgot that yesterday was MLB's Opening Day....well, at least their over-seas version of Opening Day, with the hated Red Sox beating the A's in extra innings in Tokyo. They are back at it this morning, and as I'm typing, the A's have a 1-0 lead over the Sox in the bottom of the 3rd. The most important opening day is, of course, March 31, when the Mets begin their season against the Florida Marlins.

In the next few weeks I hope to put together some informative posts, including a review of new running sofware that I have been using as a trianing log for the past few months called Runner's Studio, as well as a post that will provide a plethora of running and fitness links that I have found useful.


  1. I thought the most important day was when the Yanks started? :P

  2. i think marcy's got it right - go yankees!!

    check out this strange but true nugget from the, err.. "sports" pages:,0,1807476.story

  3. A's won :-)

    Gooooo ummmm (wait I don't have a baseball team) not really a baseball fan.

  4. Not a baseball fan either ;)

    Good luck to your wife Friday, I hope her surgery goes well and she has a speedy recovery.

  5. good luck to your wife with her surgery!