Monday, March 17, 2008

Weekly Training Summary (3/10 - 3/16)

It has been a few weeks since I put together a Weekly Training Summary Post. I am relatively happy with this past week, despite falling short of my goal of 40 miles. Hanging out with Frank and Emmy at the two (er...3) races this weekend was certainly the highlight of the week.

Monday and Tuesday were light days, with a day of rest and some cross training. Wednesday brought a shortened 4-mile run (due to an all day business trip to Chicago which really wore me out). Thursday was a well deserved off day. I put in some nice speed training on Friday, and then hammered out 3 races (30k, 2 miles, and 10k) on Saturday with Frank, Emmy, Tom and Kristen. Here's a quick summary of what the week looked like :

Monday: 0
Tuesday: Cross Train
Wednesday: 4.20
Thursday: 0
Friday: 6
Saturday: 18.64
Sunday: 8.20

This Week: 37.04
This Month: 108.49
This Year: 379.92
2008 Weekly Average: 34.54

I'm hoping to get my long run mileage up a bit this week, as I prepare for the North Face 50-Miler.



  1. Hey, Anthony,

    I'm the girl you helped reach the 58.00 goal, just wanted to say thanks so much. I recently had surgery and just started training again, it felt great to get back out and you definitely helped me. Had a great time, thanks again, Lisa.

  2. Great week!! Like you, I need to pick up the mileage in preparation for Jemez in May. My April run will obviously not be quite so taxing! haha

  3. Hey Lisa - Way to go out there. You were awesome. Great to see that you are back out there after surgery !

  4. it felt so good to run again, I was signed up to do disney marathon in Jan, but had to back out because I broke my nose during training and then had to have surgery. Ran the rock & roll marathon in San Diego in June and wanted to do better on my time. I am not quite up to you, YET, but am definitely envious of your goals and accomplishments.

    Thanks again.

  5. anthony,

    myriam just posted a ton of pictures on the sullivan stider site. check them out!

    let me know what you decide about the bunny boogie. i'm trying to get my daughter to run it w/me - but may go either way.

    sorry for the camera malfunction yesterday :(

  6. Lisa - any time. You are always welcome to join us for some fun training runs. How'd you break your nose during training ?

  7. I can't begin to tell you how jealous I am of your weekend...I wish I had been able to join you kids!! As it was, I managed to sneak out to run a measly 4 miles this past weekend. TNF Bear Mtn. will be interesting ;)

  8. Divelah - check out the bunny boogie that Frank is talking about for next weekend.

  9. You know what's sad (for me) and funny at the same time? You run more in one week than I do in 3 weeks :-X :-X

  10. Great runs lately, and North face is coming close! No time to relax, crank it up:)

  11. Love how you're so casual with the "18" on Saturday.

  12. broke my nose getting my sneakers out of closet to go run, very gracefull, door and face collided and was second time I broke it so time for insurance paid rhinoplasty. where do you do your training runs? I often run every morning at 5 a.m. because of schedule difficulties but maybe I can join sometime.

  13. Lisa - Holy cow !

    Weekdays I do the 5:00 a.m. thing in my neighborhood.

    On the weekends I am always at Rockefeller Park....for hours, and hours and hours. You are always welcome to join.

  14. lisa --you poor thing! Your mishaps sound like our friend Tim, who always does something (falls on ice and breaks ribs, etc). It must have felt so good to be out running!! You will get there quickly, as you have the base --BTW -you look slim and trim! That is half the battle. Anthony
    (and Stacy) -hope you do the bunny boogie (exit 10 off I95 -Darien's pear tree point) -we are not going skiing this weekend as are going to NJ sat night to visit my family. I will probably bring my 2 boys to the race. I still want to fit in a Bear mtn. hike. But when??? sat afternoon?
    A -great mileage week for the 50.

  15. I did Rockefeller a couple of times w/team in training last year, but when I could go on Sun, they went on Sat and so on. let me know what times and I'll try to make it sometime. I run in my neighborhood as well during the week or every other day when I weight train at gym on treadmill. it would be great to be pushed a little. I average right now about 25 miles per week. really missed running, my balance was off after I broke it and then recovery from surgery, so glad to be back and hopefully can start running some races. thanks again, so glad to have met you guys!!!!

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  18. Good luck on that North Face 50 miler. I can't wait to read about it. I hope to get into ultra races after I do a marathon at the end of this year.
    I'm newer to the blogging scene and I would love for you to stop by my blog and have a read sometime.