Friday, March 7, 2008

Who'll Stop the Rain

It is coming. Heavy rains, strong thunderstorms, flood watches.....we could get over 2 inches of rain by the time this event passes through.

Depending on how bad it is and whether I spot one flash of lightening, this may put a damper on my planned 10 mile trail run tomorrow. With the rain coming, I got in another good 6 mile run today, adding in some speed work in the middle miles, averaging about an 8:30 pace overall.

It was somewhat ironic that Bob posted yesterday for the first time since February 22nd, the same day I gave him a little grief in a post on this blog. So, this blog takes full credit for the return of Bob "blogger" Gentile. Anne posted one of my most favorite comments of all time to Bob's blog yesterday, giving her take on what it is like to take a trip to the site - "Visiting your blog is like arriving at a carnival and not quite knowing where to turn first".

Enjoy the day, and stay dry.


  1. What a nice surprise to discover your comment on my blog. Led me to some very well written and gracious posts -- I love how all-inclusive you are with the ultra community. And, hey, I too just had a birthday that is always overshadowed by a daughter's the same week. (And I don't mind either.)

    Do you ever read Marathon & Beyond? I wrote about a Badwater crew in last summer's issue. Very inspirational.

  2. It's supposed to rain tomorrow?!? Wonder if it will up here too . . .I'll have to check. Thanks homie! Hopefully you'll get in that 10 miler!

  3. come down here and run with me on Sunday :)

  4. The lightning is what freaks me out as well. I'll run in the rain, but I don't eed to be electricuted. Hope the rain stays away for your 10 miler!

  5. Yeah it's gonna be a wet one on the Hop River trail tomorrow...