Saturday, April 26, 2008

Race Report : Sybil Ludington 50k

36 individual runners and 3 relay teams participated in today's Sybil Ludington 50k race, including Frank and Emmy. After opting to not defend their titles last year (3 straight each), both Bob Sweeney and Ellen McCurtin returned to the top by winning the men's and women's races respectively. Bob would set a new course record, finishing around 3:13:00. Last year's men's and women's champions (Jim Sweeney and Emmy) would both finish second.

I had a great day manning Aid Station #5 (16.5 mile mark) with Meredith and Eddie. Tomorrow we will head out to Rockies for a 6-hour run. Here's a short slide show of pictures I took today :

Check out Frank's blog and Emmy's blog for some additional photos from today's event.


  1. Aww...thank you, thanks you for the pictures of my dear friends and bringing up the memories! Ellen got me into Montrail team thinking as we shared some runs in Rockies, Bob encouraged at the track workouts with Westchester running club, Byron is a totally supportive sweetheart, and Nick...well Nick, as you know, is a long story:) Glad you enjoyed the day!

  2. woo hoo!! that slide show is so COOL!!

  3. these are the best shots!!!, particularly of the winners...
    They are all good -still admiring the fact that you can put together a slide show. Thanks for volunteering and have fun today -reprt back!

  4. still admiring the fact that you can put together a slide show.
    Tony has been blogging for 10 years (before blogs where around) but has us all fooled that he just started this blogging thing....I am to you Bro, my detectives have come back and the gig is up :-)

    Great re-cap & umm slide show !

  5. LMAO @ Bob!

    Awesome pics as usual, homie! Looks like a great race ;D

  6. Anthony-- had a fun time with you at the race. Our aid station ROCKED :)

  7. nice to see some green grass:)
    I bet it was a blast!

  8. I'm sure that aid station #5 rocked that race!

  9. When I run my epic race, I hope you're there too with your camera. You take such wonderful photos.