Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Some of My Favorite Running Links

As I was going through some of Internet bookmarks yesterday, I realized that I have amassed a large collection of running-related links. When shifting from blog-to-blog or site-to-site on a daily basis, I seem to always find a new link that might peak my interest, bookmark in, and largely forget it is there. So, I thought it would share some of may favorite running (and even non-running) links that I visit often, broken down into a few sub-categories.

General Ultrarunning Sites
Training Related Sites and Tools

  • Shawn McDonald's UltraRunning Advice Page - From training to tapering to run/walk strategy.

  • VO2 Max - Great U.K. site devoted to VO2 Max information.

  • Calculate Your VO2 Max - Nice tool to calculate VO2 Max based on prior performance.

  • Run/Walk Calculator - Interesting tool that allows users to input a certain walk and run pace, as well as the run/walk cycle (9/1, 4/1, etc...) in order to compute overall pace and distance covered. Reverse calculations work as well.

  • Team Oregon Pace Wizard - Pace Wizard can be used to compute effort based paces and pulse rates for training and racing.

  • Effort Based Treadmill Chart - For those stuck on the treadmill, this chart gives you the road running equivalent pace for various speeds and inclines on a treadmill.

  • Hadd's Approach to Distance Training - This link is to the HTML version (there is also a Word version) for those interested in low heart rate training.

  • Motion Based - For those with GPS watches, this site is a great tool for uploading and reviewing data from your training runs and races.

  • Sunrise, Sunset Calendars - I love this tool that tells me the local sunrise and sunset times. You can customize the calendar to give you civil, nautical and astronomical twilight data, as well as moon rise and moonset times. Great for planning that early morning or late evening run.

  • Howtostretch.com - If only I could stretch like this guy...nice site with a ton of stretches.

  • Stretching and Flexibility - Another stretching site with great information and stretches.

Trail Running Sites

Gear and Recovery Sites
  • Zombie Runner - Stuff for people who run !

  • National Running Center - Apparel, shoes, gear, etc...

  • RunJunk.com - Nutrition and supplies for the endurance athlete.

  • Trailspace.com - Products, user reviews, and outdoor gear guide.

  • Perform Better - Functional training and rehabilitation (where I get my foam rollers).

  • WRAPZ - Cold and hot packs for those sore spots, specifically designed for particular body locations.

  • The Stick - Great recovery tool.

  • Hammer Nutrition - Get your Endurolytes, among other things, here.

  • Succeed - Get your S-Caps and Succeed Sports Drink here.

  • Headsweats - Great head gear (winter and summer styles, and by sports category).

  • Running Warehouse - Gear, gear, gear, with free shipping.


  • iRunFar - Bryon Powell's blog offers everything from ultrarunning news, running tips and tricks and product reviews. This site really fosters productive discussion in the running community.

  • Scott Mason's Trail Running Blog - Similar to iRunFar, Scott offers gear review, race previews, and general ultra and trail running tips and information.

  • Nancy Hobb's Blog - I recently discovered this great blog by the chair of the USATF Mountain/Ultra/Trail Running Council and founder of the American Trail Running Association.

  • Annette Bednosky - Ultrarunner extraordinaire.

  • Karl Meltzer - Unbelievable athlete and ultrarunner. Great site for race reviews and recaps.

  • Lisa Smith-Batchen - Coach and valued friend. Wonderful posts complete with training tips and advice. Lisa also runs various running camps that are a must-visit.

  • Bob Gentile - When in full swing, Bob's blog provides readers with a break from reality and invites you into his crazy, crazy, and colorful world.

  • Meredith Murphy - Follow Meredith's running adventures as she attempts the "Meredith Slam".

  • 21 Day Habit - A well written that shares the daily adventures of Jess. Witty, fun, and highly enjoyable.

  • P.O.M. - Another enjoyable read.

  • Lisa Bliss - Badwater Champion.

There are many more blogs that I enjoy reading daily, but it would take hours to list them all. The above are just a few of my favorites.

If anyone has any other resources, blogs or links that you frequent often that I may have missed, please feel free to include the link in a comment, and I will update the list accordingly.


  1. yeah! what a great resource you compiled, and doubly great since i was mentioned :D

  2. Thanks for the links. I just ordered from runjunk.com!

  3. Good compiling the info, dude - are you taking it after Goat who announced his business?

  4. Nice list, amigo.

    Also, I appreciate you giving Jballs some grief!

  5. what a great resource!

    planet ultramarathon is another great ultra site :)

  6. Angie - Thanks.....I forgot about Planet Ultramarathon.

  7. Even though I left NC years ago, I enjoy reading about the ultras out there at http://www.ncultra.org/.

  8. wow --those lists of resources are so cool - I am NEVER going to get any work done now:)

  9. I can't believe that you left off my incredibly amazing and informative blog!! haha When I get published you'll be sorry! Yeah, right!!

  10. Wow, thanks for including me in a fav list! I feel so special. Especially since it's apparent from all your links, that you spend all day scouring the web for running related info!

  11. The link with the treadmill conversions rocks. Until it gets a little bit lighter in the mornings here, I'm still stuck on the treadmill and that information is super helpful.

  12. Jess - Glad the link was helpful. I struggle to get on the treadmill...it has to be an awful day outside for me use it.

  13. Excellent list of links you put together. Some of them that I didn’t know about and that I’m going to use for my site. Also great NF challenge report. Right to the race reports pool!

  14. I read this post and went on a 'Favouriting' spree of my own.

  15. ...and then there is my fabulous new blog. Tune in now for my rant on sponsor hounding. ; )

  16. Duuuuudeeee this is like the mother load of all running links. Thanks homie!