Thursday, April 17, 2008

This Weekend in Running

In my younger days, before marriage and children and jobs and responsibilities, I remember watching "This Week in Baseball" on a regular basis. TWIB (for short) is the longest running sports anthology show in the history of television. In its early years, TWIB was the only place fans got to see highlights of games other than those of their own team. The show made its debut in 1977 with legendary sportscaster Mel Allen as its host. He would narrate the show until his death, at which point host duties were taken over by former St. Louis Cardinals shortstop Ozzie Smith. In 2000, TWIB began selecting a different player to host the show each week, hoping to allow fans to connect with the players on a much more personal level. Today, highlights of the prior week's action are used less frequently, except for a closing highlight reel representing a compilation of video gathered from each of the 30 Major Leage Baseball Club's video loggers.

Borrowing from the TWIB theme, and keeping with the overall theme of this Blog, I thought it might be a nice addition to start a "This Week in Running" segment. The initial format for T.W.I.R. would be to provide a brief highlight of the running events (races, fat ass events, etc...) for the upcoming weekend, with the potential for the segment to include a "recap" of the prior week's events. I'd also welcome guest writers to volunteer to provide a summary of the upcoming/past weekend's events, or perhaps just a write-up about a local race/event that they are familiar with.

So, here's an attempt at the first edition of "This Week in Running" :

This is a huge weekend in marathoning. For starters, the 2008 U.S. Olympic Team Trails for the Women's Marathon will take place on Sunday, the day before the 112th running of the Boston Marathon. Hosted by the Boston Athletic Association, the race will start and finish at the traditional Boston Marathon finish line on Boylston Street. However, the race will feature a specially designed course that tours historic Boston, consisting of a one-time loop that passes Boston Public Garden, Boston Common, the State House and Beacon Hill, and four 6-mile (approx.) loops. The defending women's Olympic Trials Marathon champion Colleen De Reuck will not be competing despite qualifying for the event. Deena Kastor, Elva Dryer and Mary Akor are among the top women participating. Boston gets double-duty this weekend as it then hosts the 112th running of the Boston Marathon (click "here" for a brief history of the world's oldest annual marathon). Robert Cheruiyot returns to defend his men's title from 2007 (2:14:13) and Lidiya Grigoryeva returns to defend her women's title (2:29:18).

Also taking place this weekend : The Charlottesville Marathon & Half Marathon, The Salt Lake City Marathon, and, yes, the Wenatchee Marathon (in beautiful Wenatchee, WA). Wenatchee is a nice little (small participant) race, which boasted a winning time of 2:58:40 in 2007 - so, if you are speedy and can make it to Wenatchee, WA, you might have a shot at victory.

There are several "ultra" events this weekend, primarily on Saturday, April 19, including the following :

Trail Mix Races (50k and 25K) - Bloomington, MN
Greenland 50K, 25K & 8M - Greenland, CO
Sunsweet Wildflowers 50K - California
Leona Divide 50M - won last year by Jorge Pacheco
Desert Rats - Fruita, CO
Lake Waramaug Ultras (50K, 100K & 50M) - Lake Waramaug, MA

Also of note....Ironman China, and, finally, Wednesday, April 23 marks the start of the Self-Transcendence Six and Ten Day Race in Flushing Meadows Corona Park.


  1. Hi Anthony! I love your blog! Thanks for all your detailed information. There are so many races--it is hard to pick just one :)!

  2. Dats a busy week in da running
    world :-)

  3. Bob - No doubt. It is going to take some extra work to put this together on a weekly basis.

    Jaime - Thanks ! It means a heck of a lot to hear that people enjoy reading the blog, expecially when it comes from someone as top notch in the running community as you. Thanks again !, which one did you pick ? :)

  4. The women's trials are going to be very exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As well as tracking people i know who are running the Boston marathon.

    You forgot the Revolutionary 5 miler at Valley Forge Park. Which means i gotta find an alternate place to run on Sunday :(

  5. I'm very excited for the women's trials.

  6. This Week in baseball used to be one of my favorite shows. My brother and I used to watch in together. I really enjoyed those times. Thanks for generating a memory out of the back of my mind.

  7. Anthony, Your posts are always excellent! Nice job keeping up a great blog!

  8. Anytime Joe.

    Thanks Scott - glad you enjoy it...I hope to make it even better...if only I can find the time to devote !