Sunday, April 6, 2008

Umstead 100 Pictures

I have finally made it back from Umstead, and have been up for 41 hours straight. Everyone did so well, and I saw so many old (and new) friends (screen names and all) - Meredith, Eddie, Tom T. Keith S., Altoids, Ecodork, SGH, Kim, Frank, Emmy, Lisa Bliss, DEturtle, IEatHills4Meals, Durt, etc..., etc..., etc...

I ended up pacing Meredith for about 31 miles. Lots of stories to tell about our adventure, but not tonight as I am beat. As a teaser, here are a few picture I took from the rain-soaked Umstead 100.


  1. Well, get yourself some well-deserved rest! I guess I am the only one awake to read your post. Take care.

  2. OK, she finished in a day-light - what does it mean? Is Mer happy?

  3. Dang that's a lot of hrs to be up homie!

  4. Long Weekend Bro rolling into a long week...Just some good Ultra training

    hmmmm I might have to take a longer nap today to make up for ur lack of sleep, let me know if it helps :-)

    Congrats to All Finishers!!!!

  5. Duuude, get some rest! Flying, Pacing, Blogging... you're a machine!