Friday, May 30, 2008

Gone Fishin'

Tomorrow morning I am off to North Star Resort on Knee Lake in northern Manitoba, Canada. This will give me the opportunity to take a well needed break from running as I get ready to kick it into high gear to prepare for the Grand Tetons 100 Mile race. I will probably not be able to do any running while I'm away simply because there is no place to run. Two years ago on a fishing trip to Reindeer Lake in Canada I got in a few runs by running up and down the dirt runway that was built on the island that we were staying on. I think that this year I'll take it easy.

The primary fish to catch on this trip is the Northern Pike (pictured above). Pike have a long, slender, laterally compressed body and a long, broad, flattened snout. Pike grow to a relatively large size: lengths of 5 feet and weight of 55 pounds are not unheard of. The Northern Pike is an ambush predator and thus requires a streamlined snake-line body to move fast. From an evolution standpoint, the Pike is an ancient fish compared with the Walleye. You can determine this by the position of the pelvic fins. On a Pike, the pelvic fins are down on the belly (similar to Salmons such as the Brook Trout). Through evolution, recent fish have incorporated pelvic fins right under the pectoral fins at the gills. Pike generally hide in wait for prey, holding perfectly still for long periods, and is then capable of remarkable acceleration, sometimes propelling it a meter into the air (though it rarely leaves the surface). It catches its prey sideways with its sharp teeth, in order to kill it, before turning lengthwise to swallow.

The best part about this trip....the shore lunches. Each day you can keep a few fish (there is generally a catch-and-release policy) to have for lunch. The guides skin, gut and cook the fish over a fire along with some other goodies (potatoes, beans, etc...). Good stuff !

So, training will die down for a few days, but I did get in almost 7 miles at a nice pace today. I'm recovering well from last weekend's 9:27:35 at Pineland Farms 50 Mile.


  1. ahhhh that sounds like so much fun, you know I will be crashing ur family trip one year :-) will be like "hey isn't that Bob over there?" and I will be like "Hey Tony what are you guys doing here?!--LOLOL

    Have a great time and enjoy those shore lunches!!!!

  2. I am with Bob on this one, I think we should plan a blogger family camping trip to Canada some year.

  3. First off, WAY TO GO on your PR! That's great!
    Secondly, what the hell does a 5 foot Northern Pike taste like? If it tastes like it looks, I'll take vegetables anyday!
    Have fun!

  4. What, you can't run on water?

    By the way, you're more than welcome to invite anyone to run the 50 on the 21st. And I don't know what you're talking about, I'm hoping to keep up with you! You have the sub 9:30 50 PR, not me! :)

  5. Mark - actually one of the best tasting fish around, but you do get tired of it after a few days.

    Scott - you got it. I'll ask around.

  6. what about your laptop? are you going to leave us hanging about the daily fish take? and bkdwn btwn eaten and released? ;)

    see you at the relay next weekend!

  7. wow --sounds like you have a relaxing trip planned --will you drive? fly?
    What do you mean'kick it into high gear'? How can you do more than you are doing? Maybe that means you will join us for the 100K:)

  8. have a nice trip, Anthony. :) Tetons will be here before we know it!