Monday, May 26, 2008

Quick Race Update : Pineland Farms 50 Mile (New PR)

It is 1:10 A.M. and we (me, Meredith and Eddie) have finally made it to my house from Maine and the Pineland Farms 50-Mile Race. Today was a huge success for everyone. I hit a new 50-Mile PR by over 30 minutes, finishing in 9:27:35. Emmy ran a sub-9:40. Wayne ran a 9:45. Frank ran a solid 10:10. Eddie set a new 50-Mile PR by over 70 minutes. Our team (with me, Emmy, Wayne & Frank scoring) may have come in 1st place.

Full race report and more to follow.


  1. Truly amazing! Great job Tony ... and the rest of the gang. Rest easy today!

  2. That's quite a feat -- and great to hear. Can't wait to read the full version to find out how you did it.

  3. Congrats Bro, that is a serious time...finally you started to step it up :-)

    ok going to duplicate, ordering PX90 & waking up early for 4:30runs and then head into the city & then get home at 7pm for now on...

    hmmm wait umm I think I will stick with 11-12 hour times & naps at the pool, ur training is to hardcore--haha

    Enjoy ur day off with the fam...

  4. Anthony! What a weekend! Congrats on your INCREDIBLE PR this weekend. You really tore the course up, and i think it was the hardest 50 mile race i have run. We had a great time with you this weekend, thanks for letting us crash at your place :) Have a good Memorial Day.

  5. great job anthony ---so proud of you --you did finish in SUB 9:40,just like your coach said!!! Did you run into that accident traffic on I-91, like we did -arghhhh!!!
    enjoy the Memorial day with your family!!looking forward to race report...

  6. Wow! Incredible time! Great race and good job! Your training has paid some dividends!

  7. awesome job anthony!

    rest up, if you don't go fishing this weekend, you have to go to nipmuck w/emmy and me ;)