Saturday, June 14, 2008

2008 GTR 100 Training Diary 6/14

Dear GTR 100 Training Diary -

There is something special about hitting the trails at Rockefeller State Park at 5:45 A.M. The mist rising off of Swan Lake. The deer, turkey and geese and other wildlife, uncorrupted by human contact, feeding in meadows and drinking in streams. The trails, devoid of other runners save one or two. I had the trails to myself.

I put in almost two hours of running before joining up with my friends Kristen and Dot (they were on my Need for Speed Relay team last week. Today I ran a bunch of steep hills and kept a fairly steady pace, logging 16.63 miles. The temperature was in the mid-60s to start, but as the sun rose it quickly climbed into the 70s. Here's a peak at the elevation profile from today's run :

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  1. The description sounds beautiful. For some reason, though, maybe it was the mention of turkeys, it made me think of Thanksgiving. Great. Now I'm hungry.