Monday, June 16, 2008

2008 GTR Training Diary - 6/16

Dear 2008 GTR Training Diary -

Wow - how about Tiger Woods. That guy is sick. As Bob noted, an extra 18 holes of golf to watch today instead of working. This morning's training was short, a much needed break from the 55 miles that were last week - 40 minutes of cross training on the bike and stairmaster.

Enjoy the day - we are getting more stormy weather.


  1. Who is Tiger Woods? LOL JK! I'm sorry homie, not much on golf here.

  2. Rocco is holding on at the turn :-)

  3. I've never understood how people can WATCH golf. Playing it, sure I can understand that, but watching it? Ugh. Boh-ring.

  4. Oh man, glad I wasn't the only one having an unproductive Monday at work. Heck, I had a 12 to 1:30 meeting and all we did was eat and watch the final four holes on a large screen. No wonder I love my job!

    I used to find golf boring, but now I have great respect for the skill involved. This was riveting stuff.