Sunday, June 15, 2008

2008 GTR Training Diary - Father's Day

Dear 2008 GTR Training Diary -

Last night was nuts ! Torrential rains and damaging thunderstorms swept through our area after dinner. The drive home was crazy. We were stuck on the highway for at least a half an our without moving, and when we finally made our way under the overpass we could see all the cars that got stuck trying to go through the deep waters. One car on the other side of the road was so buried in the floods that its occupants were standing on the roof to escape the waters. When we finally made it home we entered a house with no power, which finally came on at 4:30 A.M., just in time for me to get up for today's long run.

Today's run was tough, although i was able to take a ton of nice pictures (see slide show below), including shots of what last night's storm did to the park. After putting in about 8.5-9 miles, I swung back to the parking lot and met up with Kristen. We put in about 14 miles together, putting me at 22.6 for the day. This week of training turned out to be one in which I logged the most weekly miles (w/o a race) since the first week of 2008.


  1. WOW! Life around here was pretty boring compared to all that! Good job on your training week, that's awesome! Keep it up!

  2. Happy Fathers day Anthony.

  3. I hear ya with the damaging storms and lack of power. Ours was out for 2 days. ugh.

    Way to go on a great long run and a stellar week of training :)

    Happy Father's day.

  4. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!! Dang those pics are crazy!

  5. anthony ---good training --the rain was tough. It came down just as Frank, rob and I left Queens --around 6 p.m. ---we could barely see 2 feet in front of us!! Can't believe you lost power...happy fathers day!!!

  6. Hope u had a good Dad's day... great pics...

    See Tiger Woods sink that last putt, such a stud...going to be a great playoff tomorrow :-)

    I am healing up good Bro, blisters are almost healing up and My big toenail is almost off I tried to pull it off with plyers but still needs a few more days--lol

    Training starts again this week & Junk food stops!!


  7. you rock:)
    flat land boy coming to the tetons::) its going to be a blast