Thursday, June 26, 2008

For Those With the Western States Blues

Very Impromptu, Very Unofficial, Very "Laissez Faire" 100 Miler Scheduled for Saturday in and around Rockies !

Earlier this morning I thought my evening post would be about the 8+ mile easy run that I put in this morning, extending the consecutive training day streak to 21 days. I'm wondering whether or not doing an hour of yoga counts as a form of training for purposes of the streak, as that is all I have planned for tomorrow. I think I'm becoming obsessed with this streak thing !

After almost a full day of constant communication with Meredith, Eddie, Emmy and others about putting together a last minute 100-mile run to ease the pain of having the 2008 edition of the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run cancelled due to the wildfire situation in northern California, we have officially decided to have an unofficial 100-mile run here in Westchester County, New York. This will be a self-supported run, not sponsored by, or organized by anyone. Simply put, we have put together a group of people to accompany Meredith on a 100-mile run through and around Rockies. Anyone can join in and run any distance they desire.

While Emmy and I are still discussing details of the actual route we will take, the basic plan will be to run as much of the 100-miles in Rockies, and, when the park closes, move outside the park and run portions of the Need for Speed Relay course on the North County Trailway, South County Trailway and Bronx River Pathway, to the extent they are open to the public, or roads. The current plan is to start this Saturday morning at 7:00 A.M., either from the North County Trailway parking lot of of Route 117 near Rockies, or at Rockies. Emmy has already committed to running 50-60 miles and taking on the over-night hours with Meredith. I plan on 6-7 hours on Saturday morning, followed by another 3-4 hours at the end of the 100.

Again, this is just a group run, nothing official, so, it is a come as you want, run as you want, have fun and socialize as you want run. I will post the actual start time and place when it is finally determined, but, for those who want to come and join in at some point during the day, we will have a central spot where we will loop to.

More to come.....


  1. Awesome idea and great work to all for pulling this together in the less than 24 hours from WSER cancellation to official announcement of the Rockefeller 100!

  2. Thanks B. I hope this works out and goes well.

  3. this can be your test run for an official 100 miler :)

    You are a good friend, Anthony, thanks for helping me this weekend and making this happen.

  4. Anthony - what a great way to support your friend(s). Nicely done!

    Meredith - kick butt ... it may not be the butt you expected to be kicking this weekend, but you go girl!

  5. What friends are for...I wish you all to have a grand time.

  6. Hey Olga,
    For what it's worth, I suggested to an Oregon resident that they try out YOUR future 100 as their Western States replacement. ;-) They replied there'd be too much snow on the course. What a woose!

  7. That's totally coolio homie!