Monday, June 2, 2008

Knee Lake, Manitoba, Canada - Day 2

How cool - thanks for every one's comments on yesterday's posts. Jaime, yes, no heat training here in Canada. It is super cold at night, and even colder when you are on the water running at full speed in the boats. But, as Frank points out, a little Canadian Whiskey takes the bite out of the air.

Today was just as fun as yesterday. I landed a 41 inch pike today, and did a bunch of fly fishing. I've put together another short slide show below.

Even though I'm away, This Week In Running will still make it's regularly scheduled Wednesday showing.


  1. Very cool slide show! What reminds me to ask you how to put it on:)

  2. anthony -we missed you at nipmuck but you have woods to spare up in canada -the photos are just amazing, especially the one of the pikes --wow!!! thanks for sharing them. sounds like you are having fun despite the chilly weather.

  3. Great fishing. Hope you can send me some of those fish. They look tasty. Catch up when you get back.

  4. that last picture is one ugly fish :) :) :)

  5. Olga - Thanks. Oh, it is so easy using Picasa. After you upload a bunch of pictures into an album, you click the "embed slide-show" link and it is so easy. You can pick the size, show it with or without captions, etc...

    Emmy - missed you guys too.

    MIT - I wish I could send them back. Strickly catch-and-release here.

    Meri - :)