Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Knee Lake, Manitoba, Canada - Day 3

Today was perhaps the best day of fishing yet ! I spent most of the day fly fishing even though the winds were a bit strong. I landed a bunch of pike over 36 inches, including one at 41 inches. I have a bunch of pictures in the slide-show below from today, including one of a 42 inch pike that my brother caught. Enjoy. One more day of fishing left. :(


  1. ahhhh that is a sweet pike!!!!!

    Dang I had to catch up on ur fishing adventure posts, looks like a blast!!!

    Now get that 50 incher tomorrow :-)

    Cheers \_/ \_/

  2. So I read your latest blog posts in descending order -- what a contrast from the hot race and the cool vacation. Hope all that fishing does wonders for your training :-)