Thursday, July 10, 2008

2008 GTR Training Diary - Cramming

Have you every lived this know that you are going to be away such that it will be very difficult to get in any meaningful training runs, so, in the days before you depart you try to cram in as many training runs and miles as you can, almost as if you were cramming for your high school physics test. Well, that's what I feel like. Since I'm off to Death Valley to crew Badwater early Saturday A.M. through early next Friday, I've been trying to put in a few extra training runs this week. So, after a short cross-training session this morning, I blasted through another 5.4 miles under the stars at about 8:30 overall pace. I'm hoping to get in a few good training runs in the Death Valley heat with Meredith and Eddie....we will see !


  1. we are running out there, one way or another, don't you fear, we will figure it out!

  2. have a great trip!!!! Can't wait to hear about your runner's race and about the crewing -say hi to Meredith and eddie!!! good luck with it all -and enjoy that heat training.