Friday, July 25, 2008

Blog Makeover

Many of you have noticed that this blog is undergoing somewhat of a makeover. Part of that may be due to Bob's insistence that I add a picture to the header (which I have done), although I am absolutely resisting his urging to make this blog as colorful, bright and flashy as his.

Another reason for the makeover stems from recent discussions with the folks at We have already agreed to exclusively feature the This Week(end) In Running series at, and it appears as if the future looks bright for expanding the relationship beyond the weekly post.

So, I'm at a point where it is time to consider changing the name of this blog. I feel that the name isn't that catchy and is a bit too long, and I'd like to come up with a name that works well in conjunction with There are a few names that I'm considering :


I'm leaning toward the first two, but thought I'd throw it out there for every one's input.


  1. Booooooo on "extreme"... and the Mets!

    I think the first one better fits what you do, while the second sounds better. The second is less prone to confusion when telling someone about it as everyone is familiar with what a trail is (not everyone knows ultras), it's easier to remember because of it, and has one less syllable. That said, the first is not that hard to remember and pretty much who you'd want to tell about the blog knows what an ultra is. In the end, just go with the one that feels better.

  2. I-run-IN-Tutus :-) is better --haha

    Like the header pic and first or second name is good

  3. I like Bob's suggestion! OR

    iRunFurtherthanU :)

  4. Good thing I already reserved ! ;-)

  5. Ooooooo I'm totally diggin the new look! Are you going to go the full carnival route as Bob? :P (Kidding Bob!)

    lmaooooooooooooooooo damn I wanted that one :-)

  7. Bob,
    Check out the new It's the anti-Bob's style blog! ;-) So boring, I know!

  8. Remember.. Less is more.

    Bobs site gives me seizures.