Sunday, July 6, 2008

Data From Yesterday's 41+ Miles

Now that I have recovered from several rounds of LandShark Lager last night, here's some fun data from yesterday's 41+ miles with Brennen, Wayne, Brad, Emmy and Andrea. One thing I was reminded of on this run was how beneficial it can be (although it can also backfire and be frustrating) to train with people who have abilities/strengths, etc... that exceed your own. Running with this group kept me on my toes, pushed me to work harder, and resulted in a great run at a pace that I would probably not have otherwise run for a training run. Ok...on to the fun stuff.

Total Moving Time - 7:21:58
Total Miles - 41.45
Average Pace - 10:39
Elevation Gain - 5,633 feet
Ascent Miles - 14.62 (35.3%)
Descent Miles - 14.60 (35.2%)
Flat Miles - 12.23 (29.5%)

We ran several different loops at Rockefeller State Park Preserve, which included some exploring of trails that I had not previously run. Here's a look at the map of our run :

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We had several decent climbs. Here's a look at the elevation profile :


  1. Excellent job Tony and the gang. Did you find the Land Shark at Shoprite? :)

  2. Very impressive mileagea and elevation climbs (and descents). I agree on the advantages of training with people just a little better -- it really does help push you.

  3. Just to finish up my weekly mileage today, I had to goad myself with beer -- my run ended down by Whole Foods on the Bowery, where I picked up some fine legal beverages.

  4. Anthony --that map is so cool --I have a better feeling now for where we went. We did climb alot of hills and you and I were finding ourselves pushing to stay up with the ultra-studs. and you had done 12 more mies that me when I met you!!
    I also had a big glass of wine last night and woke up with a big headache:( ---thanks for nagivating and have a good trip to badwater (remember, your coach wants you to get out of the air conned car)-

  5. Good job Anthony. You are gonna leave me in your dust at the Tetons.

  6. great job! i did my long run today up at rockefeller, and even though I have run there before...every time, I am reminded that those hills are no joke.

  7. way to knock out the Land Shark beers oh and good run also :-)

  8. All that climbing should be left to roller coasters. You're beyond human in my opinion.