Wednesday, July 23, 2008

This Weekend in Running Becomes Weekly Feature

TWIR is privileged to announce that it is joining forces with Effective immediately, TWIR will appear exclusively at iRunFar. Currently, TWIR highlights some the coming weekends ultra marathons, certain select marathons, and other races that may be of interest to readers. TWIR has plans to expand its weekly posts to include commentary on the results of select races from the prior week, interviews with race participants and other select runners (covering racing, training, nutrition, etc...), and other interesting tidbits surrounding the running community.

So, head on over to iRunFar today (and every week) for this week's edition of This Weekend in Running !


  1. I'll have to check out the linky! Thanks homie!

  2. Great re-cap below-- ahh classic pics of poor Wayne...umm thinking no camera at GTR, NOT! and three beds cracks me up, man I think sleeping between two toy cars was a better plan...see how smart Wayne--haha

    Now get to training fkr we got an appt with Fred on 8/30

  3. Congrats man. That's great they want to carry your commentary on various races