Sunday, August 24, 2008

GTR 100 : Last "Long" Run + New Friends + Pacer News

With just a little more than 5 1/2 days to go before the Grand Teton 100 Mile Race, today's run at Rockies marked the final "long-ish" run of what appears to be a solid few months of training. Today's run extremely important in some respects. The taper period can be very frustrating to many runners. Months and months of long runs and high intensity training are drastically reduced, and I have to admit that it had left me with a weird feeling of withdrawal - I think even my blogging has hit a "taper" period. The reduction of total mileage and intensity over the last week gave me the feeling of being in a rut, and getting out today for a 13+ mile run was just what the running doctor ordered.

Even better, I met several new friends today. I recently joined the New York Trial Runners group at Organized by Stephanie, this group has put together trail runs at, among other places, Harriman State Park, Mohonk Preserve, Westchester Greenway, and now Rockies. They also "meet up" at various races in the tri-state area. Stephanie, Stella, Tica, Dennis (and his friend) came out to run and hike the trails at Rockies. I basically acted as the tour guide for Stephanie and Stella for 2+ hours of scenic running. It was a fantastic time, and a run that put me back into the right frame of mind for GTR100. Trying to keep pace with the young 23 year old legs of Stella was a challenge, but a perfect wake-up call. We worked hard on several of the hills, including a final 6 tenths of a mile up-hill push. Here is a quick peak at the GPS map and elevation profile from today's run :

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Now it is off to the Tetons for a week of fun.  On Tuesday we will meet up with Meredith and Eddie (they too are arriving early for some extra vacation time). On Thursday we pick up Bob from the airport. At some point in the next 9 days we will manage a trip to Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park. Friends also running the 100-mile race this year include Mike Evans (a fellow Badwater crewer), Terry Madl, Ed Mafoud (his first 100), Kira Matukaitis (100 miler and Badwater veteran), and George Valesco (also a fellow Badwater crewer). You can follow the progress on the race web-site - they will have live updates beginning 1-2 hours after the 6:00 AM race start.

I have somehow managed to secure a top-notch pacer for GTR100Olga V. has graciously agreed to supplement her race volunteer duties by pacing me for one loop of the course.  Olga is not only a super runner, but is a very successful pacer.  I'm tremendously lucky to have her support.

Ok - off to the Tetons.


  1. Tick Tock!!, don't forget to bring me a few paks of Shot Blok!!...s (umm tried to rhyme )

    See ya soon Bro...

    Good run today and glad you had a chance to meet up with fellow blogger Steph.

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you! It was so much fun today. Love the map you posted. Can't wait to come back and do more running at the Rockies.

    Have a good trip, a great race and I'm looking forward to hearing all about it:-)

  3. Awesome. Good luck to you! All the advice you gave me at the VT 100, remember it for yourself this wknd. Enjoy yourself and rock it!

  4. Hi there,

    I met you are VT100 a month or so ago when you were pacing Wayne (at the hotel with "character").

    You have done the work, so now go out and enjoy the race! It sounds tough, but I know you can do it!


  5. Have a fun fast race! Give Olga a big fat kiss from me!
    Love, Jacki

  6. Have a blast this weekend! You've earned it!

  7. Good luck Anthony! You must be going crazy with impatience/anticipation...really happy you have a great pacer. I hope you have a spectacular time on this adventure!!

  8. good luck this weekend, but you have trained so hard for this everything will come into play --glad you got a last training run in at Rockies -much better for the legs than the Westport pavement --go, Bob, meredith and eddie also!!!