Wednesday, August 27, 2008

GTR100 - Rick's Basin Hike

This morning Eddie and I took the girls on a hike through Section C of the GTR100 course - Rick's Basin. Amazing, the little ones (5 and 7) hung in for the entire 5 mile hike (with only a little bit of complaining). We took a few pictures of this section, which is mostly single-track trails, and snuck in a video as well.


  1. ahh that is classic... How bout you Ally, are you scared of snakes?

    Her answer: NO, well not that much


    ahhh bringing back memories of that tight rope Rick Basin trail section --grrrrr

  2. YYEAAAHHHH you're the MAN!! You make those kids work! HAHAHAHAA. My kids would be whining 2 minutes into it :P

  3. Best of luck to you and Bob on your 100. Looking forward to the race report.

  4. Your girls are too cute!

    Good luck this weekend. I'll be thinking of you and Bob as I (again) relocate my younger daughter. Enjoy yours while they are young and LISTEN.

  5. Cool hike! Good luck once again in the 100!

  6. Ahhhh..., Rick's Basin. Love it! See you in a few days. Can you ask LSB to order some cooler weather for the weekend??? I wouldn't be too concerned about snakes out there. But, I wouldn't want to be running at night down in the Mill Valley area rand run into a bear or couga. Oops! Did I actually type that? ;) Sorry! :)

  7. Snakes??? I thought snakes did not live in the mountains. Yet another 100 miler that gets scratched from my "to do" list.

    Your kids are really cute and it's cool they are not really frightened of snakes. Maybe they should be your pacers at night.

    My only advice about snakes is don't shriek like a girl if you see them. I have found sadly shrieking seems to really attract them. The more you shriek like a girl, the greater the number of snakes that swarm!


  8. that is the cutest thing I ever saw --is that eddie with the girls???