Friday, August 1, 2008

Training Update

I've been tremendously neglectful in posting training updates lately.  Much of that has to do with how crazy work has been lately.  That, coupled with trips to Badwater and Vermont 100, has left me exhausted.  Nevertheless, training for GTR 100 has been fairly steady.  After two light mileage weeks (27 and 30) while traveling, I bounced back last week with a solid 43 miles.  The mileage doesn't include the cross-training that I do.  I have found a lot of success in replacing a decent chunk of weekly mileage with cross-training (typically the stationary bike and the stair master).

This week is shaping up to be a nice final big-mileage week.  This morning at 5:00 AM I knocked out nearly 8 and 1/2 miles at a decent training clip.  I spent an hour running at a good pace (for me) and then pushed myself at a hard pace for the last 15 minutes of my run (keeping my pace in the mid to high 7s).  So, with a 9-10 hour run planned for tomorrow, and a shorter one on Sunday, I looks as if 60 miles for this week is well within reach.

On a sad note, earlier this week Jim Hutchinson, the Vermont 100 race director and member of the Vermont House of Representatives since 2005, passed away on Monday at the young age of 60.  His obituary reads : 

"He was born in Randolph; the son of James W. & Isabelle (Miller) Hutchinson. He graduated from Randolph Union High School, and received an Associate degree in Automotive technology from Franklin Technical Institute in Boston. Later in life he also attended Vermont Technical College in Randolph Center. He served in the U.S. Navy Seabees during the Vietnam War, and was married to Leslie Baird in Portsmouth, NH on June 23, 1973. Jim was a crane operator and worked for East Coast Steel of Greenfield, NH, retiring as Superintendent and Project Manager at the age of fifty. He had been a teacher and trainer for the OSHA Training Institute of New England in Manchester, NH, and was a private business consultant on OSHA regulations. He was a member of the Vermont House of Representatives since 2005, and was running for re-election to his third term. He served on the House Government Operations & House Appropriations Committees. Jim was a dedicated volunteer for Vermont Adaptive Ski & Sports since 1994 where he taught lessons to people with disabilities and trained new volunteers to do the same. Jim also served as their Executive Director, and presently as President of their Board of Directors as well as Directing the VT 100 Mile, an elite fund raising race for the adaptive program. He was currently serving on and was Past Chairman of the Randolph Select Board. An avid skier, he enjoyed cycling, reading, and preserving and maintaining the family homestead.

Jim is survived by his wife, Leslie Hutchinson of Randolph; son, Richard Hutchinson of Burlington, VT; daughter, Julia Hutchinson of Cottonwood Heights, Utah; and sister, Linda Vogt of Chicago, IL. He was predeceased by his brother, Richard M. Hutchinson. "
Jim's family has asked that donations be made in his memory to Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports.  Below of two pictures of Jim that were posted at the Vermont 100 web-site.  The first is Jim in action at the Vermont 100 as race director, and the second is Jim at the VAAS Ski Challenge with his daughter Julia.  Many condolences to Jim's family and friends.


  1. It sounds like Jim had a very fulfilling life. And he certainly doesn't strike you as a typical ultra race director. 60 sounds so young, doesn't it?

  2. Very Sad about Jim way too young!

    Have a good long run tomorrow...Think Freds :-)

  3. HI Tony!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Of course there are trail runners in NYC area, but it's not like in California say. I just set up a trail running group on Perhaps it's not the right source to get people involved.

    You are pretty hard-core. My longest distance was 44 miles, since then my training was very limited due to an injury and my move to Cali last year. My I'm back training now and hopefully will be ready for Vermont 50!

    Send me the link to your trail running group!


  4. Awwwhhh how sad about Jim :-(

    Hang in there homie! Hopefully you'll be able to get some decent rest in there ;-)

  5. Man, that sucks! Crazy! Very sad news...

  6. will be so great to meet your kids and see your family again!


  7. will be so great to meet your kids and see your family again!