Saturday, October 4, 2008

BRRRRRRRRR !!! & Drymax Cold Weather Socks

What the #%$#%#$ !!  Is this for real ?  37 degrees at 5:30 AM today.  Summer is certainly gone in the Northeast.  I do, however, love running in the cold weather (after warming up a bit), and today's run started off with a beautiful scene - the mist rising off of Swan Lake at Rockies.  I met up with Kristen (and Dorothy would join us later) for a nice 13+ mile trail run, which included some nice hills.  While everthing feels fantastic, next weekend's Baltimore Marathon will still be nothing more then a training run/picture fest.  Actually, the trip is really to visit an old college friend and her family (a sort of re-connect after 10+ years), and the entire crew is coming with me.

I am long overdue for a review of the Drymax Trail Running Socks, which I have been using in training for mid-length runs (that will come soon).  However, today, with the weather in the 30s, I gave the Drymax Cold Weather Running Socks a spin and was very pleased with them. In cold temperatures, moisture is a killer.  It pulls heat away from the skin 23 times faster than air, and can reduce skin temperature so rapidly that wet feet feel painfully cold, and more susceptible to blisters.  The Drymax Cold Weather Running Sock boasts a special dual layer moisture removal system that instantly moves moisture from the skin, through the inner Drymax layer to the outer absorbent layer, keeping feet dry.

Drymax is the least thermally conductive fiber. This means Drymax fibers keep feet warmer because they draw less heat away from the skin.

 Drymax vs Wool :

Although today's run was only a 13-miler, I had no blister or hot spots at all, and the Drymax Cold Weather Running Sock kept my feet feeling nice and toasty.


  1. ooooh i cannot wait to break out the cold weather socks! The Drymax trail socks are quite warm as well. Have a good time in Baltimore.

  2. Man, I LOVE feeling dry and toasty!! Life just doesn't get much better than that! ha

  3. 37 degrees at 5:30 AM today.

    omg that is aweful, I feel really bad for ya --lol

    well at least you had some good ass socks!!!

  4. Amen homie! We kicked on the heat already

  5. Oh I do not like the thought of winter being around the corner! And it will be expensive, too!!!!

    Have fun at the Baltimore M.

  6. Running when its freezing is great. You can't feel pain when your numb. :)

  7. Wanna trade climates, cuz I'd willingly do so.

  8. anthony --good luck in Baltimore!!!
    Are you running long island birthday run?? what about bimler's bluff??? It was 44 degrees this a.m. brrr -no wonder everyone has a chest cold:(
    I will be in touch!!

  9. Dood, you should be a spokesman! You do much better job than my private wispers:) And - congrats on joining the Maniacs!!! Did I miss it in your postings?