Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Marathon Maniacs

I suppose this post is long over-due.  A few months ago I joined the Marathon Maniacs as Maniac #1060, joining now-fellow Maniacs Emmy and Frank (among others).  I qualified for 2 star membership in the InSane AsyLum, by running 6 marathons or ultras in a 6 month period (I actually ran 7, but one did not qualify as it was not an "official marathon") back in 2006-2007.  These are the events that helped me qualify :

09-24-2006 - Vermont 50 Mile
10-22-2006 - Chicago Marathon
11-04-2006 - New Jersey Marathon (unofficial as part of the Endurance 50 Challenge)
11-05-2006 - New York Marathon
11-18-2006 - JFK 50 Mile
01-07-2007 - Walt Disney World Marathon
03-04-2007 - Caumsett Park 50k

As you can see, this little streak included 2 50-milers, 4 marathons, and a 50k.  It also included running marathons on back-to-back days, and an 8 week period during which 5 of the events fell (2 50-milers and 3 marathons).

What is amazing about all of this is not that I qualified and became a member, but that my 6-month accomplishment pales in comparison to what some of the other Maniacs have accomplished.  Take for example Maniac President Steven Yee.  Yee has reached the so-called "Quadzilla" level by completeing 57 marathons in a 1-year period.  Nor does it compare to Maniac Raymond Scharenbrock, who has completed 518 lifetime marathons, including 52 in 2001, and running marathons in the 50 states and DC 8 times.  Then there is one of my all time favorites, Larry Macon.  Macon completed 79 marathons in 2005, 79 marathons in 2006, and a whopping 93 marathons in 2007.  WTF !!!!!  93 marathons in one year ?  Oh, f.y.i., he did 3 marathons in a 48-hour period, and 12 in a one-month period.

If you think that you might be a Marathon Maniac, head on over to the "criteria page" to see if you fit into a particular "streak" category.


  1. That's awesome dude! But anyone who has the time or money to do 50-something marathons a year better be making some kind of income from it; otherwise, for me, it would be very hard to justify the time and cost.

  2. OMG!! CONGRATS homie!! You ARE a maniac, that's for sure ;-)

  3. That's a lot of running. Definitely maniac worthy.

  4. Quadzillia--yeah, but do you really want to be as crazy as them?? we're pushing the envelope as it is!! You can get 5 stars by doing 3 marathons in 3 states in 9 days -we'll figure out how you can do that. For instance, Baltimore followed by 2 back to back marathons (LI b-day run plus something on sat). Speaking of this weekend, are you interested in LI 6 hour run???

  5. I like your enthusiasm Tony! and I'm sure I could qualify too...I'm running a 50K about 2.5 weeks before Philly marathon...hey have fun at Marine was my first ever 26.2... Enjoy!

  6. #1127

    I'm just a Baby Bronze Maniac, though :)

  7. The five star thing is definitely doable CT. I went from 4 stars to 5 several weeks ago. And I did it with a double double (four in 9 days) and I'm 63 so you should be able to. Oh and my best friend went with me and did the same at 67.