Sunday, October 26, 2008

Short Race Update : 2008 Marine Corps Marathon

Just got home from DC....tons of traffic made the trip home much longer than it should have been.  Just a quick note - Bryon and I paced Kristen for the entire Marine Corps Marathon, and she was awesome, setting a new PR for herself by over 6 minutes.  Finish time was 4:05:09.

The race itself was fun, scenic, but way too crowded.  I think I'd give it a C+ to B-, but I'm still tinking about it overall.  I'll post more on the race with pictures and videos (including one of Kristen's finish) later.


  1. That's a great time! I know MCM is big, and I know the crowds were big at the Army Ten Miler, so I can only imagine how it muct be for MCM!

  2. Congrats Kristen on your PR-- Awesome Job...

    Tony is a good pacer but bad news is if you read the fine print you are now locked in to pacing him for the next 20 years...dang attorneys (lol)

    I will call you Bro this week, we are under 20 days till JJ100 --woo hoo

  3. CONGRATS homie! What a fabulous time ;-)

  4. great job to you and bryon for pacing Kristen and to Kristen for running a PR!! It is such a scenic race -sounds crowded, though, and as they say, it's not the race, it is getting there --looking forward to seeing the photos.