Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Marshall Ulrich to Complete Run Across America Today

Ultra running legend Marshall Ulrich is expected to complete his 3,000+ mile journey across the country at some point today at City Hall in New York City.  Marshall started his trek in San Francisco on September 13 with fellow ultra runner Charlie Engle.  Injuries forced Engle to abandon the journey by foot (but he kept going by bike).

Make sure to check out Running America to read all about Marshall's epic journey.

Oh, and isn't there some sort of election going on today ???


  1. He's like a real life Forrest Gump!

  2. Anthony ---did you see Fran's blog?
    He saw Marshall finish last night as he was coincidentally teaching at Pace and so was downtown. Amazing that he averaged 58 miles a day --now that's what i call super-super ultrarunning...

  3. p.s. I meant 'FRANK's 'blog -
    have to watch those typos...