Thursday, November 20, 2008

Race Report : Javelina Jundred 100 Mile Trail Race

We are going to try something a bit different with the race report for the Javelina Jundred 100 Mile Trail Run ("JJ100").  It will be primarily in video form.  Some of the videos are a bit long (but none are longer than 2 minutes and 28 seconds - that one being the final race review that will sum up the race as a whole, including comments on the course) and may get corny/loopy/strange at times (but we will blame that on spending hours upon hours in the desert heat).  There will also be a short picture slide-show at the very end of this post.

The very short and sweet version is that I finished in 26 hours 41 minutes 35 seconds, good enough for 46th place out of 147 starters.  Only 48.9% of the runners who started the race finished, showing just how challenging JJ100 can be.  I got to see so many old friends (including Bob Gentile, Leigh Corbin, George Velasco, Chris and Susan Pulick, Jamie and David Donaldson, Mark "the Naked Runner", etc..) and met and made some new ones (including Angie, PJ, JavaMom, Eric, Dusty, etc..).  Then there is, of course, Rick Gaston.  I can't thank him enough for pacing me through the final 40 or so miles, and dealing with the ups and downs that we experienced (Rick actually got hurt at some point during the night).  I also have to thank that entire crew that Bob pieced together - what a tremendous help they were.  Even David took time to make sure I had what I needed while Jamie was out crushing the course en route to another first place finish.

Before getting into the video report, a little background on JJ100 is necessary.  Taking place in McDowell Mountain Park (Fountain Hills, Arizona), JJ100 consists of six washing machine (alternating directions - clockwise, counterclockwise, clock, counter, etc..) loops, plus a so-called "halfaloop", on the 15.4 mile Pemberton Trail, featuring gently rolling trail through the desert.  The trail was a mix of sand, dirt, grit, and rocks.  The "halfaloop" is actually a 9 mile loop, which means that runners actually cover 101.4 miles.  There are aid stations approximately every 5 miles, at Coyote Camp, Jackass Junction and Javelina Jeadquarters.  The weather during the day reached into the 80s, and got fairly chilly at night.  Historically, this event has a low finisher rate.

Ok, so, here we go.  Each video will be preceded by a brief intro.  The first video was taken on Loop #2, about 17 miles into the race, when I was running with PJ, Chris and Susan.

This video was taken at the start of Loop #3, about 30.8 miles into the race.  At this point I am running with PJ.

This next video was also taken on Loop #3.  PJ had pulled away and I am now running with Susan.  The heat of the day is starting to take its toll.

This video is at the start of Loop #4, about 42.6 miles into the race and a loop before runners are allowed to pick up pacers (unless darkness comes first).  I am still hanging with Susan.

Still on Loop #4, perhaps 51 miles into the run.  Darkness has arrived.  Susan and I can hear packs of coyotes howling in the desert.

This video is taken on Loop #5, 70+ miles into the run.  I am now with my pacer, Rick.

Now on Loop #6, about 89 miles into the race after leaving the last aid station on the loop.  I talk a bit about falling asleep while running and hiking.  It is still dark.

This next video is taken on the final half-loop, about 95 miles into the race.  You can see the rocky section of the trail and can also listen to a funny story about stepping on Bob's foot.

This is the final video.  It was taken after we ran a 2.7 mile down hill stretch at a nice clip.  We are now above the 100 mile mark and less than a mile from finishing.  The video serves as a review of the race.  Overall I would certainly recommend running JJ100 if you have the opportunity to do so.

Finally, below is a slide-show of some of the pictures I took pre, during and post-race.


  1. Great videos, I'm got to relive the race yet again. The vids make it all seem so much fun, next time take a video while you're weaving and saying stuff like "this bullshit!!!". Ah good times.

    The pictures are great, especially the one of Susan, Chris and Paulette in the middle of the course and the cactus at sunrise. Great stuff.

  2. That was so much fun doing the 40 out there with you guys and seeing you on the course. Tony you rocked with a very good time.

  3. Nice videos and pictures. Congrats on your race!!

  4. what a great report; i watched every single video and enjoyed it all!!! i love the photo of the moon.

  5. Oh man those videos are so great. I think you and Rick should take your show on the road. His side comments were cracking me up. And how did you pee on yourself? And what's this about lingerie? Is that your costume for next year?

    Great performance!

  6. Awesome report! The commentary was hilarious! Again, great job and congratulations, Tony!

  7. Anthony,

    Congratulations on a great race.

    By the way, I nearly peed myself when you trash talked Bob in your mile ~90 video. We're in a cold snap here in DC, so as you point out it would be a good way to get warm:-)

    On a positive note at least now I know not to mess with you in an ultra.

    Good luck training up for Goofy (I would suggest I would see you there but as my goal is to get 500+ pictures my goal time is 3:30 and 7 hours for the half and marathon respectively.


  8. Great Re-cap videos bro, you will do anything to not put the report on move wish I thought of it :-)

    Congrats Again ! And see ya next month for some NY Trail runs!

  9. That was fun to watch. Thanks for the recap and congrats on going sub-27!

  10. What I loved the most is desert description. "Beautiful" for about 40 miles, than "that desert" mid-way, "freakin' desert" at mile 80, and back to "awesome" with few miles to go. Hilarious, and totally captures a 100!

  11. Great videos, thanks so much for sharing! Congrats on your race! It was great to be out there and meet everyone and see all these amazing accomplishments in person.

  12. Great stuff. I just stumbled upon your sight. It was a blast reliving your experience.

    Jon Burg (dressed as Wonder Woman)