Saturday, November 29, 2008

Unexpected Long Run & Drymax Trail Running Socks

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I only set out to do about an hour and a half today.  After meeting the soon to be married Kristen and Dot at 7 AM (congrats Kristen !!!), we put in a good hour.  Then Peter arrived.  Half an hour later Wayne arrived.  Somehow time got lost with all the comings and goings, and I ended up putting in 18.62 miles with +/- 2,315 feet of elevation gain.

 Elevation Profile

Now, lets talk about socks for a second.  I have been an Injinji socks guy for quite some time (I continue to use them on long runs).  My recent happiness with Drymax Running and Drymax Cold Weather Running (see October 4, 2008 product review post) socks, and the unreal success that Jamie Donaldson has had with Drymax socks at Badwater and other 100-mile races, has lead to my use of Drymax Trail Running socks on a more consistent basis.  The Drymax Trail Running socks are fantastic !  So far I am blister-free with them, and today's 18+ mile long run was no exception.  Not a single blister or hot spot for that matter.

Drymax Trail Running socks have no vents, helping to prevent dirt from getting in the socks.  They have double welted legs, adding extra protection around the ankle.  The extra padding protects the leg and seals the top of the shoe to keep out dirt and debris.  A dual layer moisture elimination system acts to remove sweat, sweat vapors, and water from the skin through the innter Drymax layer to the outer absorbent layer.  The double welt top is designed to repel water.

Drymax Trail Running socks are a high density protective padded sock (as opposed to a "thick" padded sock).  The dense padding protects the feet without compromising the fit of the shoe.  I have been wearing them with the Brooks Cascadia 3 trail running shoes and have had no fit issues.

As is the case with most Drymax socks, the trail running socks come with the Anti-Blister System.  The exception 3D fit, seamless insides, an instep-hugging arch band, and the ability to repel and prevent moisture are all features that actively work to prevent the formation of blisters.  The socks are also designed to fight odor-causing bacteria.

So far, Drymax Trail Running socks have earned a huge stamp of approval, and are a perfect holiday buy for any trail runner.


  1. It's funny how a near 19 miler "just happens" for you! Nice job.

  2. I'm jealous...I want to run 18 miles on trails :). Great job getting lost. I've rolled my IT Band out every day (sometimes even 2X). It might be getting better, but slowly. Is this the case? I was able to run 10 miles on Thanksgiving. It wasn't pain free, but it wasn't terrible. I walked all downhills (not like there were any large ones), and when I felt pain, I stopped at stretched. What's the verdict, doc? :)

    Oh and drymax socks? Rick sent me a couple of pairs. I was always a smartwool girl, but they seem to work good. I'll have to remember to wear these for the marathon.

    Have a good rest of the weekend...oh and do you remember what we were doing 2 weeks ago at this time?

    H.U.R.T, 2010...I think we should.

  3. Ya gotta love getting extra mileage in. Nice.

  4. Nice Bro way to burn those turkey day calories...just ordered the Brooks trail shoes.

  5. Nice looking run. I tend to run in REI trail running socks these days - I get a small discount with my membership and they have a good wicking system.

  6. You should totally give up law, and be a sock salesman! Very convincing propaganda, my friend. Great run by the way! I think I may run 4 miles today. haha Peace!

  7. Nice. You seem to be doing great with the recovery.

    Man I love my Drymax, don't race on anything else these days. Oh and I got hooked up with some compression socks too. Today I'm walking around looking like you and Bob after Javelina.

  8. Rick gave me a pair of Drymax and now I am ruined for my cheap Costco socks. I have my own review that I will do in a few weeks. :>)

  9. It comes with anti-blister stuff, that is right up your alley. Great job on the run.

  10. Seriuosly I love those socks, I am now convinced I have been missing out with cheaper socks all these years.