Thursday, November 6, 2008

Winding Down to Javelina

Closer and closer we creep to the Javelina Jundred 100 Mile race in Fountain Hills, Arizona.  With less than 9 days to go until the last 100-mile race of the 2008 ultra running season (and my last race in 2008), the focus has shifted to final preparations for the trip out West.  I put together the following list of items to take with me for the race, and thought I'd share it with the community (if you think I missed something, let me know):

Race Ready Shorts
Short Sleeve Shirts (2)
Long Sleeve Shirts (2)
Under Armor Underwear (1) - gotta have underwear
Injinji Socks
Drymax Trail Socks
Skull Cap
Regular Cap (2)
Moeben Sleeves
Trail Shoes
Rain Jacket

Succeed S Caps
Power Gel
Gu Roctane
Nathan Water Bottles (2)
Petzl Head Lamp (1)
Fenix Hand Held Flashlight (1)
Extra Batteries
Clip 2 Mix (10)
Plastic Baggies - Small, Medium and Large
Nathan Pack (possibly for night time)
Tape, Scissors, Bandaids, Clippers
Watch and HR Monitor

On the training front, Monday brought a nice 7 miles of speed work, and today I put in an easy 6-miler.


  1. Earplugs in case Bob's yakking gets to be a bit much? I'm TOTALLY KIDDING! You know I *heart* you Bob :-*

  2. I think you need drugs on your list. That's what I would need to run that far.

  3. Ear plugs, drugs and a good brewski in those Nathan bottles. Best of luck Tony.

  4. I need to get a pair of thos M sleeves. How do you like them?

  5. Scott - the M sleeves are great !

  6. Yeah, that's what I thought. Wish I had a pair for Stone Cat this wknd.

  7. Stop by my house on your way and I'll give you a pair.

  8. What about your costume? There is a contest you know :)!

  9. Anthony! Saw GAC's Chris and Susan at Stone Cat --both were volunteering at aid station 1 --they stood and helped all day and did a great job. They told me they are running Javelina!!! Should be great having them (in place of meri and eddie:(()
    BTW, I ran through tons of water and didn't get blisters with the Injinjis. Good list --you are prepared:)--rest this week.

  10. Do you wear the Drymax socks over the Injinji's or do you just wear one or the other depending on the conditions? I like to wear 2 socks when I run with the Injinji's, but I can't wear my Drymax Trail socks (the only Drymax ones I own)because my feet get too bulky; I need a thinner top-sock. Just curious.

  11. Joe - Just one sock, depending on the weather, how long I'm going for, etc... If I wear two socks it is too bulky for me as well.