Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Reeking Havok on Weekend Running Plans

The snow has arrived, and with it comes difficult training decisions.  Tomorrow's track workout (mile repeats) is looking like it will have to be on the treadmill (which I hate tremendously).  The local track is surely covered with at least a foot of snow, and Rockies is sure to be as well.  As much as I "dread" it, the treadmill is looking like the best option.


  1. It got down to the 40s early this week and I headed to the gym for the treadmill, haha I know, we are such wimps out here with the cold. Brrrr... I hate the treadmill too but it is a good tool for speedwork if you can't get to the track. Maybe you and Bob can hit the treadmill together when he comes to visit, you know is Florida butt don't like the cold either. Plus he loves the treadmill I think, he was just telling me how Matt Carpenter trains a lot on the treadmill. Enjoy your holidays my friend.

    I'll have to say no to pacing at Badwater. I don't like that long asphalt stuff in the heat. Got a buddy here who has been trying to get me to pace him. I'm off the hook this year because I'm going to his wedding instead of signing up for Massanutten 100. It was a tough decision:)

  2. this snow is a drag!! I hate the treadmill also, particularly on weekends when my gym is crowded.
    I am sick anyway with strep so could race the 15K in Central park -Frank, rob, and don also bagged it, as conditions too dangerous. The Waveny 3 miler for tomm. will probably be cancelled with the snow on the way --better get some shopping in this afternoon:)))after the dreadmill.

  3. WTF it is Cold up here I can't believe people live here :-(